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Dawn Anderson

I am a believer in natural products for myself and my horses. If my homework is done and my horses are in the best shape they can possibly be in, they will give back to me by winning consistently. I use DiO daily on my horses to keep them from being tight and sore from the daily stress put on their bodies. Before and after each run, I spray their entire body with it to keep them moving freely. I've tried other products but most are not all natural like DiO and I do not see the same results. I love it and so do my horses. 


Heather D. Young

As an accomplished horse woman, with many accomplished clients; including AQHA, APHA, and PHBA World and Reserve World titles we trust DiO to keep our horses sound and pain free. With many miles on the road and ailments that may be experienced we have been using DiO to help with the healing process and also in keeping our horses sound and show ready.... DiO has helped lead us in this year alone to a World and Reserve world championship.... So, I trust DiO to draw It out and keep your horse in the perfect show condition.


Danica Jorgensen

DiO is a great product! It is so easy and convenient to use, especially when we have time constraints getting show horses prepared in the early mornings at shows. I've used clay poultices for 15 years and they are extremely messy and time consuming. DiO is like magic. It has done everything that those old messy clay poultices do and then some. It saves us a huge amount of time at competitions and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!


"I use Draw It Out without mixing it (straight) the night before performances to ensure my horses legs are tight and there is no puffiness.  I won't go to a show without it."

Zak Ellis

"I used Draw It Out exclusively on my gelding who had a severe suspensory pull. He is back to work without a hitch & without using bute or any pain relieving drugs. I keep the inflammation down by soaking his tendon area with Draw It Out under his Polo wraps during workouts."

Pete Lichau

"As a ranch manager and a showman I am always looking for that next product that keeps the horses legs tight and inflammation free while I'm on the road. I love Draw  It Out because it does that and so much more. It is easy to apply, can be used in  multiple of ways, it is odorless and low maintenance, meaning you don't have to wash it off before going to the arena. I'm a big fan of Draw It Out."

Jarrell Jackson

"There is no reason to use anything else for swelling & soreness"

Mark Lang

I used Draw It Out on my sprained ankle and was biking the next day!

Kenny M.

I broke my ankle two years ago.  I used Draw It Out in a 50/50 mix, soaked my sock & went to bed.  The next morning was the first time since I broke my ankle that I had no swelling and full range of movement!

Jan G,

" As a Three-Day Event rider I need products that work and benefit my horses. Draw it Out is sincerely one of those products. I put 100% of my trust in this product to keep my horses legs and back feeling great after those hard workouts. I use it for anything from those hard fitness days, to those longer travels. It is so convenient.  There is no mess and is 100% natural which I love. It is an essential product to have in my toolbox and I am so proud to be apart of Team Draw it Out! "

Heather Lindroth

As a competitor in multiple events whether I'm going to a roping, barrel race, or down the rodeo trail. Draw it out liniment is my go to product, it's colorless, odorless, mess free,safe, sane and 100%all natural helps keep me less stressed about my horses health..Before Draw it out my horses being stalled or even in small pens they'd get stiff and there legs would swell but now I can haul a few hours or all night, being stalled or how deep or hard the ground is, I know my boys will make the same run in any event...

Jamie Farmer

 I believe Draw It Out is a necessity for all performance horses. I am a trainer of many different breeds and disciplines of horses. Whether the horse is a colt starting off or a seasoned reining horse going down the road, I choose to use Draw It out.   I first used Draw It Out under leg wraps. Having a mare with sensitive skin, I was skeptical because of past products causing hair loss. It is easily applied with no awful smell.  When the wraps are taken off there was no hair loss, no swelling, and she moved more freely. I now use it on a daily basis and even spray it under the saddle pad on her back. Draw It out is a great natural product and it should be in all horse barns!

Tinker Turner
Leanna "Bigtown" Billie

Leanna "Bigtown" Billie

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