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Draw It Out® recognizes that dogs are integral to many equestrians' lifestyles, so we decided to extend our natural health and well-being products to include our furry friends. Our K9 product line is an extension of our commitment to holistic well-being, acknowledging that the health and happiness of each member—both the horses and their faithful canine companions—contribute to a stronger whole.

In our Draw It Out® for Dogs section, you'll find an extensive offering of natural-based products ranging from sprays to mud baths. Every product is designed for easy application and deep penetration to relieve common issues hard-working dogs face, such as joint pain, muscle soreness, and skin and coat issues. Browse and buy individual products or bundled deals tailored to your pet's needs.

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SLS-Free Shampoo for Dogs

A holistic approach to caring for your furry friends should extend to ensuring the products used to bathe and groom them aren't doing more harm than good. Draw It Out® is leading the way in creating advanced solutions to dog care, and the proof is in trusted products like our shampoo for dogs.

SLS-free shampoos are considered better for dogs due to the absence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a harsh detergent commonly found in many grooming products. SLS can strip away natural oils from a dog's skin and coat, leading to dryness, irritation, and potential allergic reactions. Opting for SLS-free formulations is gentler on a dog's sensitive skin, reducing the risk of skin issues and promoting a healthier coat. 

Our shampoo is enriched with gentle cleaning agents from mother nature, including lavender oil, chamomile extract, Egyptian geranium oil, aloe vera, and more. Achieve a beautiful coat without compromising Ph-balance by bathing your best friend with Draw It Out® Soothing Relief Dog Shampoo with Lavender.

Dogs Work and Play as Hard as You - Consider the Effects on Skin, Muscles, and Joints

While essential for a dog's physical and mental well-being, frequent outdoor activities can contribute to dry skin and sore muscles and joints. The problems and associated pain are multiplied in older dogs. We carry products such as Draw It Out® K9 Advanced Relief Ready to Use Spray and a range of supplements to help your friend recover faster, whether a young pup or a seasoned canine. 

Pet owners should ensure proper hydration to mitigate dry skin. You could also try our Draw It Out® Theramud Skin and Coat Conditioner, which contains natural hydrating substances like keratin, shea butter, and more. The therapeutic Theramud gives moisturizing relief from the tip of your dog's nose to the end of its tail, including paw pads where dryness and cracking are particularly severe. Address skin issues early on with an effective product like Theramud to ensure your dog enjoys the benefits of outdoor activities without compromising their skin or coat. 


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Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 32oz Concentrate

I use this daily, after harder rides, short conditioning rides, and after running jackpots or events. My horses love it! when I use it they immediately start licking and chewing!

Rachel P.


Excited to use for my embroidery machine!

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Digital Download Embroidery Files

I am super excited to use this on my embroidery machine for my rodeo shirts!

Kaitlyn H.

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We've been a part of the move toward natural pet products for nearly a decade, first with horses and now for their canine companions. Draw It Out® sprays, supplements, gels, and other products designed for dogs continue our commitment to holistic recovery and well-being for every member of your equestrian lifestyle. Make a conscious decision to invest in your pets' health and longevity in a way that is good for them and their environment. Shop for products that will improve your friend's health and happiness from the Draw It Out® online store.