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How Do You Ship?

We utilize FEDEX, UPS, DHL & USPS to make sure we can get your order to you quickly and easily.  The carrier chosen depends on cost and the size of the order.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes on average 3 days.  We strive to get orders out the same or next day that they are placed.  Need faster shipping?  Email us at sales@drawliniment.com and we'll do our best to help you get your order as fast as we can.

What is in DiO?

Where is DiO Made?

DiO is manufactured in Albuquerque New Mexico and Distributed from Logan Utah. Go Aggies!

Is DiO Safe?

DiO was designed and formulated to be as safe as possible.  Read more about the safety of our products here.

Should I Use Spray or GEL?

DiO comes in two great forms.  Spray & Gel.  Application is the major difference.  We recommend the Read more about the safety of our products here. for spot applications & legs while the spray is great for big areas like backs and shoulders.  We do have lots of folks who use the gel on backs or the spray on legs.  Really, the choice is yours!

Does DiO Test?

The Original DiO does not have any issues with USEF or FEI guidelines.

Does DiO do sponsorships?

We Do!  Read more about the safety of our products here.

Can I put DiO under wraps?

Yes!  Our products are safe under wraps and other therapeutic products.  They don't heat, cool or tingle so they won't be counter intuitive or build up too much heat!

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