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Draw It Out® emerged a decade ago as an innovative producer of safe and effective horse health and recovery salves, sprays, gels, nutraceuticals, and more. Today, we’re a household name among veterinarians, equine professionals, and all horse and dog lovers looking for natural, proven solutions for equestrian and K9 health that extend to ensuring cleaner living environments and show-ready coats.

Science-Based Recovery and Well-Being Products for Horses and Dogs

Our comprehensive product line offers products designed to improve coats, hoofs, muscle soreness, gut health, and more. You’ll also discover Draw it Out® formulations for deep-cleaning horse stalls and trailers to create a safer living and transporting environment for your beloved friend. And speaking of friends, dogs are a big part of equestrian life, and their health and happiness are crucial to maintaining the lifestyle you value. Draw it Out® for Dogs addresses muscle and skin issues to ensure they also receive effective science-based natural remedies to help them thrive.

Safe and Proven Ingredients

Our products utilize gentle and proven ingredients to ensure safe and effective solutions for your animals. Draw it Out® for Dogs features Ph-balanced formulas that won’t cause irritations to your furry friend’s skin, such as burning, cooling, tingling, or itching. Our dog-specific products also consider the natural inclination for dogs to lick their skin, which is why we’ve prioritized making our gels and sprays safe if ingested.

Like you, we rely on science-based remedies and not miracles when it comes to horse and dog health. Nutraceuticals and topical products are clinically tested with proven efficacy by veterinarians and equine professionals, giving you peace of mind about safety and effectiveness. 

The ingredients found throughout the Draw it Out® product line have been used for centuries to treat a broad range of common ailments animals face, whether as a result of work or play. Sore muscles, poor circulation, inflammation, wounds, skin and coat issues, hoof and mane health, and a range of other conditions can be alleviated and improved with natural substances like cedarwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, and many more. 


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The cure to all of my problems!!!


Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 16oz GEL

I use this liniment gel on my horse and myself! Such a great product to have on hand. It’s for sure a game changer. I’ve seen so many benefits from this product not only on my horses but my friends horses as well. This gel is definitely worth its weight in gold. I love it! My old barrel horse started to get arthritis and so far using draw it out we haven’t seen it getting any worse and he’s still going strong!

Cassie Smith


Save a Hoof

product pic

SilverHoof EQ Therapy® by Draw It Out® 32oz

I was so pleasantly surprised when I started using Sliver Hoof on my horse who tried to cut his back foot off. After getting the wound under control, i started applying Silver Hoof on the injured hoof. We saved the hoof, and my boy has no problems at all.

Pam Shirley Williamson

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