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Veterinarians and equestrian professionals always seek safe, effective solutions to overall horse health. Draw It Out® products burst onto the scene a decade ago and have become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our nutraceuticals and topical solutions follow a science-based, common-sense approach rather than the snake oils and miracles other brands promise. Natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and veterinarian-approved are what you'll find in our online store to help horses recover from common ailments and feel and look their best. 

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Deep Penetration for Targeted Relief That Promotes Healing

Draw It Out® products are specifically designed for easy application, deep penetration, and targeted relief. We carry an extensive line of gels, sprays, poultices, and more to help horses recover from work or play and promote faster healing through anti-inflammation and better oxygen circulation at the source. Our products go on easy and reach areas below the skin to draw out aches and infections so your beloved animals can feel their best and thrive. Examples of the Draw It Out® product line for recovery and healing include:

Gut Health

Inside your horse's gut is a complex system for food digestion and energy conversion. Many things can go wrong, and horses are susceptible to colic, ulcers, and hindgut acidosis, which can arise due to abrupt changes in diet, inadequate forage, or stressful conditions. Maintaining good gut health in horses is crucial as the digestive system is vital to their overall well-being. 

Electrolyte loss through sweat in horses can also disrupt the delicate balance of minerals essential for proper gut function. Electrolyte loss is especially problematic for horses more active through work or sport.

Our Hydro-Lyte® with GastroCell® Powered by Draw it Out contains vital electrolytes and helps improve nutrient absorption, proper digestion, and a balanced microbial environment. L-glutamine has been added to counteract the painful effects of muscle cramps in the gut due to strenuous activity. Our Hydro-Lyte® has a palatable apple flavor your horse will love. 

Stall and Trailer Cleaning

A dirty stall or trailer can significantly threaten the well-being of horses. Accumulated waste, such as manure and soiled bedding, creates an unsanitary environment that invites bacteria and parasites, potentially causing infections and respiratory problems. Dirty conditions can spread illness through wounds in the skin, through the eyes and mouth, and build up in the hoof. The emotional intelligence of horses also makes them sensitive and aware of dirty conditions, potentially affecting their state of mind. 

Stalls and trailers should be kept clean from debris and insects that can lead to health issues for your animal. Turn to our natural cleaning and environmental protection products and keep your horses safe when housed or transported:

Hoof and Coat

Microbial infections entering through a horse's hoof can lead to severe health issues and lameness. Cracks, injuries, or compromised hoof conditions will create the opening bacteria need to enter and propagate. Silver Hoof EQ Therapy® establishes a breathable moisture barrier and works to improve strength and pliability. Natural ingredients like thyme and tea tree oil fight bacteria growth and increase blood circulation. 

The ShowBarn Secret® line for horses comprises high-grade shampoos and conditioners to promote a healthier and shiner coat. Pair our ShowBarn Secret® with finishing sprays to accentuate your horse's natural elegance and poise. Professional and hobbyist exhibitors have come to trust the natural ingredients of our styling products for their effectiveness and gentle touch. 


Maintaining the peak condition of your equine athletes may require more supplemental care. Draw It Out® Nutraceuticals are designed to supply the natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals needed for healthier joints, digestion, enhanced energy levels, and overall well-being. Easy to administer and containing only food-safe ingredients, nutraceuticals from Draw It Out® are sure to become a powerful part of your arsenal for providing the bodily strength your horse needs to maintain vitality. 


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Detangler and shine


ShowBarn Secret® Detangler and Shine

Amazing results, leaves my mares thick mane and tail knot free and silky for days after one application.

Rachel Poling



product pic

Draw It Out® SuperClean® Stall & Trailer Cleaner

I love that you can use this for stalls or your horse trailer! And it actually gets it clean!


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Find natural, holistic solutions that promote faster recovery and healing in your horse from Draw It Out®. Our extensive product line has become a household name and is trusted by veterinarians and equestrian professionals for using clinically tested ingredients that are proven to work. We offer individual products and packaged deals tailored to your needs. Browse and buy from our online store today.