Why Use Draw It Out® Products for Horses and Dogs?

Veterinarians and equestrian professionals are embracing a holistic and natural approach to the well-being of horses and dogs. Draw It Out® has become one of the most trusted names for effective and safe solutions to alleviate symptoms commonly associated with joint and muscle pain, digestive issues, inflammation, skin or hoof irritation, and more. Trusted by equestrian professionals and veterinarians alike, our products prioritize using natural elements known for their efficacy and safety. 

By focusing on natural ingredients, we aim to offer a gentler alternative, fostering a balanced and harmonious recovery process for our four-legged companions. Our dedication to quality, backed by the endorsement of industry experts, ensures that our natural products provide reliable support for the health and vitality of horses and dogs.

Common Horse Ailments

Horses are prone to various health issues due to their size and natural endurance. Common ailments often revolve around their hooves, joints, and muscles. Hoof problems, such as laminitis and thrush, can result from poor hoof care, improper shoeing, or even nutritional imbalances. Regular hoof maintenance, including proper trimming and cleaning, is crucial to prevent and address these issues. Joint and muscle pain, including arthritis or strains, can affect horses, especially those engaged in strenuous activities like riding or competing. 

Inflammation is another common concern in horses, affecting various systems, including the digestive and respiratory systems. Conditions like colic, which can lead to abdominal pain and discomfort, are examples of inflammatory issues that demand prompt attention from veterinarians. Additionally, horses engaged in rigorous activities may experience exercise-induced inflammation in joints and muscles. Inducing anti-inflammatory responses and providing adequate rest can contribute to managing inflammation effectively. 

Cooling down after exercise is crucial to prevent injury and reduce the risk of muscle soreness. Gradual and controlled cooling routines help regulate the horse's body temperature, promoting a healthy recovery process. Overall, a combination of proper care, nutrition, and timely veterinary intervention is essential to ensure the well-being of horses, addressing these common ailments and fostering their overall health.

Draw It Out® Products for Horse Recovery and Relief

Our ever-expanding horse recovery and wellness solutions product line can treat many common ailments, promoting swift healing and overall well-being. With various convenient application methods such as sprays, gels, and poultices, our products penetrate deep to provide targeted relief. From improving circulation and anti-inflammatory responses to enhancing gut health, each formula utilizes natural ingredients, ensuring holistic care for your horse from hoof to mane. Our commitment to comprehensive and effective solutions reflects our dedication to the vitality and recovery of our equine companions.

Our product line tailored to the wellness and recovery needs of your horse includes:

Supplements are also helpful for preventive care and can deliver a targeted supply of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to strengthen the digestive system, promote joint health, and increase energy levels. Our Draw It Out® Nutraceuticals line is designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of horses that need to maintain peak physical condition for strenuous activity.

Common Dog Ailments

Dogs require regular exercise to lead happy, healthy lives, but the stress of keeping up with the equestrian lifestyle can make them susceptible to developing joint and muscle problems over time. The strain and impact on their joints from running, jumping, and playing can contribute to wear and tear, leading to arthritis, hip dysplasia, and ligament injuries. The repetitive stress on their muscles can also result in strains and sprains. 

Frequent physical activity can also contribute to skin and coat problems in dogs. Exposure to various environmental elements, such as dust, allergens, and moisture, during outdoor activities can lead to skin irritations and dryness. Vigorous exercise resulting in increased friction between the coat and the skin, causing abrasions or hot spots, is a common issue for canines. These issues can create an ideal bacterial and fungal growth environment, leading to conditions like dermatitis. 

Draw It Out® Products for Dog Recovery and Relief

Our Draw It Out® K9 Advanced Relief Ready to Use Spray prioritizes convenience with user-friendly designs for easy application and fast relief. Natural ingredients like Arnica, Red Algae, Olive Oil, Chamomile, Egyptian Geraniums, and Aloe Vera are safe for dogs if they lick themselves after application.

Draw It Out® Theramud Skin and Coat Conditioner provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to every inch of your dog's skin, including paw pads and nose. Natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Kale Extract, Red Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Arnica Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Manuka Honey Extract will promote a healthier coat without irritating their skin or scent glands.

Bathe and groom your dog safely and effectively with Draw It Out® Soothing Relief Dog Shampoo with Lavender. Designed for use after training or exercise, our SLS-free shampoo contains only natural and gentle cleaning ingredients that promote healthier skin and impart a relaxing sensation.

Trusted By Veterinarians and Equestrian Professionals

While our horse and dog natural wellness products are not intended to replace veterinarian care, they serve as invaluable supplementary solutions for common ailments faced by horses and dogs. We understand the unique needs of these animals and prioritize their well-being by offering clinically tested, natural ingredients in our products. Every product we offer has been clinically tested with proven efficacy and is trusted by veterinarians, equine professionals, and horse and dog enthusiasts lovers alike. Gain peace of mind that you're effectively improving your horse's or dog's well-being without causing further harm or discomfort by choosing the natural-based products from Draw It Out®.