A Seasonal Guide to Maintaining a Radiant Coat with ShowBarn Secret® Powder

As the seasons transition from spring to summer, horse owners face the challenge of maintaining their equine companions' coats in top condition. The warmer weather, increased humidity, and longer daylight hours can all impact the health and appearance of your horse's coat. Enter ShowBarn Secret® Powder, a revolutionary product designed to keep your horse's coat looking its best during these demanding months. This guide will provide you with tips and strategies for using ShowBarn Secret® Powder to ensure your horse remains the envy of the barn.

Spring Into Shine: Awakening Your Horse's Coat

As the spring season sets in, your horse will begin to shed its winter coat, revealing the new growth beneath. This is the perfect time to start incorporating ShowBarn Secret® Powder into your grooming routine.

Start with a Clean Slate: Begin with a thorough grooming session to remove any winter build-up of dirt, oils, and dander. A clean coat will allow ShowBarn Secret® Powder to adhere better and work more effectively.

Apply ShowBarn Secret® Powder: After grooming, lightly dust your horse's coat with ShowBarn Secret® Powder. Use a soft brush to gently work the powder into the coat, ensuring even coverage. The natural ingredients in ShowBarn Secret® Powder will help to absorb excess oil, reduce static, and add a subtle shine.

Regular Maintenance: Throughout the spring, continue to apply ShowBarn Secret® Powder as part of your regular grooming routine. This will help to maintain the coat's health and appearance as it transitions into the warmer months.

Summer Glow: Protecting and Enhancing Your Horse's Coat

Summer brings its own set of challenges for maintaining a healthy coat. Increased exposure to sunlight, insects, and sweat can take a toll on your horse's appearance. ShowBarn Secret® Powder can be a valuable tool in combating these summer coat woes.

Sun Protection: ShowBarn Secret® Powder can help protect your horse's coat from the bleaching effects of the sun. Apply the powder before turnout to help reflect harmful UV rays and prevent fading.

Insect Defense: The summer months often mean an increase in pesky flies and other insects. ShowBarn Secret® Powder can act as a natural deterrent, keeping insects at bay and reducing irritation.

Sweat Absorption: Hotter temperatures mean more sweat. ShowBarn Secret® Powder can help absorb excess moisture, keeping your horse's coat dry and comfortable. Apply the powder to areas prone to sweating, such as under the saddle area and along the neck.

Enhancing Shine: Despite the challenges of summer, ShowBarn Secret® Powder can help your horse's coat maintain its luster. Regular applications will keep the coat looking fresh and vibrant, even on the hottest days.

ShowBarn Secret® Powder is a versatile and effective solution for maintaining your horse's coat throughout the spring and summer seasons. By incorporating this product into your grooming routine, you can ensure that your horse's coat remains healthy, protected, and radiant, no matter what the weather brings.

Natural Ingredients for a Healthy Shine
  •  Infused with natural ingredients, ShowBarn Secret® Powder nourishes your horse's coat, leaving it with a radiant, healthy shine.
Effortless Application, Effortless Beauty
  • The easy-to-apply formula ensures a hassle-free grooming routine, resulting in a polished, show-ready appearance.
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ShowBarn Secret® Powder Coat 22oz - Draw it Out®
Versatile Protection for All Seasons
  • ShowBarn Secret® Powder provides year-round protection, absorbing excess oil and moisture to keep your horse's coat looking its best in every season.
Eco-Friendly and Horse-Friendly
  • Made with environmentally friendly ingredients, ShowBarn Secret® Powder is safe for your horse and gentle on the planet.