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I love Spring! Horses shed any winter hair they may have and look so slick and pretty! One big thing I think of for Spring time is worming! I think it is so important to worm your horses. I am believer in getting a stool sample prior to worming and then after to make sure they are all gone. I have learned fairly recently that something as small as worms, can cause some major problems, all the way to mimicking EPM symptoms. So please worm your horses. Another thing that may apply to a lot of us especially this year with all the cold weather. Make sure your horse is in shape before you start back running. And while I'm building mine back up, Draw it out is very important. I think of my horses like I do about myself. I know if I haven't been to the gym in a while, it's going to take a few weeks to get back in shape and I am going to get sore as I'm doing it. This is where DIO is awesome because it will help them to not get sore. That's really important to me and I'm certain they appreciate it as well. I am looking forward to Spring and all that is brings, especially the warmer temperature!!
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Jessica Beck is a renowned Competitor.  Her list of accomplishments include:

  • US Navy Veteran
  • 2014 AQHA world show qualifier JR and SR Barrels
  • ASQHA Champion barrel racer 2014
  • Reserve Champion Alaska State Fair and Rodeo, Champion Kodiak State Fair and rodeo Barrels and all around Champion 2014
  • 2016 ABRA Stake Race World Champion
  • 4X PAFRA World Champion Barrel Racer
  • 2X pafra Reserve Champion All Around Cowgirl
  • 2X pafra Champion All Around Cowgirl
  • 2x pafra Reserve Champion Barrels
  • 2X pafra Average Champion Breakaway Roping
  • 2017 MRCA Rodeo Finals Qualifier
  • 2017 barrel racing Champion Missouri State Fair and Rodeo
  • 2017 1D Average Champion Bill Wagner Memorial Barrel Race
  • 2017 1D Average Champion and Fast time Barrels Hwy 38 timed event series
  • 2017 MFRA Champion Open Barrel Racer
  • 2017 Missouri UBRA Champion 1D Barrels and Derby and 3rd in the UBRA Derby Standings National
  • Currently sitting in the top 11 in 1D in BBR Missouri standings


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