Draw It Out Horse Liniment

DiO is the fastest growing horse liniment brand on the market today.  We make sure your horses are not sore and able to compete at their best.  DiO is a holistic solution that utilizes the earth's natural minerals to keep your equine partner performing at their highest level.  DiO is a deep penetrating formula that utilizes minerals, that research shows, to be effective in pain management and reducing inflammation without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals.  Our products are safe to use under therapeutic products such as ceramics and magnetics.  Our products can be used before, during and after performance or training under pads, boots and wraps.  Choose below from our original liquid concentrate form or our best selling gel formula.  Spray the liquid concentrate on large areas such as backs and shoulders and rub the gel in on legs and spot applications.  Utilize both formulas to ensure that your horse is ready to compete everyday.