Draw It Out 32oz Concentrate

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Our original concentrate formula can be mixed at any ratio, the stronger you mix, the faster it will work.  This deep penetrating formula can be used as a soak, poultice or general body spray.  To utilize as a leg wrap you can apply directly to the leg via spray or actually soak your no bows or polos in a mixed solution and wrap.  Keep the wraps moist as long as they are applied.  Can be left on for long periods of time without burning or blistering.  This version is also great on abscesses. DiO can be used before, during and after events or training.  Will help keep horses from stocking up and getting sore from extended standing or overexertion.  Using DiO as a spray is also great for large area applications like shoulders, backs and hips.  Can be used after events to alleviate issues already seen.

Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based around an epsom salt profile to create a dynamic horse health product.

The concentrated version of DiO can be mixed with water so it is ultra cost effective.  For general maintenance a 70/30 (Water/DiO) mix is recommended and for injuries a 50/50 mix is usually best.  The general rule is the stronger you mix the concentrate the faster it will work.  It can be used at 100% for severe injuries.

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What's in DiO?

DiO is an unique product that harnesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of minerals in a deep penetrating formula that when combined with our epsom salts profile creates a product with the ability to quickly and effectively reduce pain and swelling without carriers or chemicals.  With no active ingredient DiO goes on gently with no heating, cooling or tingling.  This gentle application ensures DiO's ability to be used under pads, wraps & boots without burning or blistering.  DiO is also odorless and colorless so there is no clean up.  It goes on non-greasy and dries clear ensuring there is no mess like traditional poultices or liniments.

Proven. Safe. Effective.

DiO Ingredients

  • Water

  • Sodium

  • Chloride

  • Magnesium

  • Sulfate

  • Potassium

  • DiO Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend*

    *The DiO Proprietary trace mineral blend is comprised of over 170 different minerals, each of which contain natural anti-inflammatory & pain relief properties. When combined, these minerals create a complete equine pain management solution.

Concentrate Directions

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.   Normal Mixture: 30% DiO; 70% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water.Enhanced Mixture:50% DiO; 50% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water.Soak Wrap in the recommended mixture. Wrap affected areas, keeping wrap moist. Use remaining mixture to keep wrap moist by using a spray bottle or syringe. Recommended application time: 36-48 hours. 

GEL Directions

Legs - To reduce swelling and relieve pain rub DiO up to 3-4 times daily. Wrapping after application is recommended but not necessary. Rub gel with grain of hair.  Back, Shoulders & Flank - To reduce stiffness and soreness Rub on daily. Can be used under saddle during events or training.Abscess - Apply a generous amount to affected area then cover with wrap or boot overnight.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced and consist of the highest available quality.

DiO Results



The Story...

The image on the left is of a customer's Horse's leg who suffers from chronic swelling.  Though the cause of the swelling is unknown and many varying methods were utilized to try and help this horse nothing seemed to work. DiO was able to help reduce the inflammation in a dramatic way.  These results were achieved after 2 24hr applications of DiO GEL.  The swelling does occasionally return but when it does DiO is there to bring the leg back down to normal.

Nationally Recognized Formula



Here is the same leg after 2 24hr applications of DiO Gel. To ensure the product stayed in place an Ace bandage and vet wrap was used

DiO is a versatile product that allows for a reduction of heat, swelling and pain. It can be utilized as a wrap like in the images above or as a spray as seen in the thermal images below. Each application helps to quickly and effectively reduce hot muscles, pain from over exertion and swelling. Results will vary depending on use. When using the concentrate, the stronger ratio used the faster DiO will work for you. Most people utilize a 50/50 mixture for soreness treatment and 70/30 (Water/DiO) for preventative applications. Our gel version works fast and stays where you put it. Often, a single application of the gel will net discernable results in a matter of hours. Results will also vary from injury to injury and often a reduction in pain is hard to notice with an untrained eye. DiO is also 100% safe to use on open wounds.

Draws Out Heat

Above is the hip of a horse after competing at the Pinto World Show in Tulsa. The outside temperature was well over 100 degrees. You can see that the area we sprayed down with DiO cooled off Dramatically within just a few minutes. We utilized a 50/50 mixture that was kept in the grooming cart at the stalls.

Works on Legs Too...

We also utilize the soaked wraps method and wrapped the back legs. You can see that as well as firming up the legs and removing any discomfort that may have came about from the event DiO also helped cool the legs. The picture on the right is after 15min of a 50/50 solution application with polo wraps. Greater results could be achieved by utilizing ice boots.

Questions & Answers

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  • What about using it for tendon injuries?

    The concentrate is great for use on tendons. You can spray it on or soak wraps and wrap the legs. The gel would be easier to use since it stays in place a bit better. Draw It Out doesn't heat up so you can use it under your favorite ceramics or magnetic products as well.  It helps blood flow by penetrating deep into the affected area and the minerals then reduce the pain and swelling at the source.

  • Does it have any ingriedents that aren't allowed by USEF?

    Great question! When we formulated Draw It Out we paid very close attention to USEF, FEI and AQHA guidelines and with their assistance determined that our products would not cause any sort of testing issues.  We do are best to stay up to date on changes in their requirements and have had no issues so far but we do recommend that if you have concerns to talk to the governing bodies directly. 

  • If you have a wound will the wound scab with the dio wrapped on it?

    Yes ma'am the wound will still scab with Draw It Out applied to it. 

  • Can it be used on humans?

    DiO is safe for use on all animals. While we can't recommend our products for human use do to regulatory agencies many of our customers do report that it works very well on themselves. 

  • Is the 32 oz concentrate still on back order? If so and I were to order gel and concentrate, will I get a shipment immediately of what is in stock and then another shipment of what is out of stock?

    Hi!  I am happy to announce that the 32oz is no longer on backorder. Everything ordered today will ship out immediately. For future reference when we do have a backorder we ship everything we can immediately and the remaining items as soon as they are available. Thanks for asking! 

  • There was a free spray bottle promotion that popped up to me when buying DIO concentrate. Is that still being offered?

    Yes it still has a few days left. It was for folks with that particular link but if you just mention the free sprayer promotion in the comments section or send sales@drawliniment.com a quick email with your order number. We'll be sure to get one in for you.