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Draw It Out Results


Above is a horse that has had a swollen leg for some time.  Nothing seemed to be effective.  


Here is the same leg after 2 24hr applications of DiO Gel.  To ensure the prodect stayed in place an Ace bandage and vet wrap was used.

DiO is a versitile product that allows for a reduction of heat, swelling and pain.  It can be utilized as a wrap like in the images above or as a spray as seen in the thermal images below.  Each application helps to quickly and effectively reduce hot muscles, pain from over exerction and swelling.  Results will vary depeinding on use.  When using the concentrate, the stronger ratio used the faster DiO will work for you.  Most people utilize a 50/50 mxture for soreness treatment and 70/30 (Water/DiO) for prevenative applications.  Our gel version works fast and stays where you put it.  Often, a single application of the gel will net discernable results in a matter of hours.  Results will aslo vary from injury to injury and often a reduction in pain is hard to notice with an untrained eye.  DiO is also 100% safe to use on open wounds.

Draws Out Heat

To the left is the hip of a horse after competing at the Pinto World Show in Tulsa.  The outside temperature was well over 100 degrees.  You can see that the area we sprayed down with DiO cooled off Dramatically within just a few minutes.  We utilized a 50/50 mixture that was kept in the grooming cart at the stalls.

Works on Legs Too...

We also utilize the soaked wraps method and wrapped the back legs.  You can see that as well as firming up the legs and removing any discomfort that may have came about from the event DiO also helped cool the legs.  The picture on the right is after 15min of a 50/50 solution application with polo wraps.  Greater results could be achieved by utilizing ice boots.



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