Draw It Out Results

DiO Results

Results after a Singe Application

of Draw It Out Gel



A Spray A Day

5 Sprays of our Draw It Out Concentrate mixed at a 50/50 ratio netted Kalie S.  These great results.  One quick spray after their afternoon workout was able to greatly reduce the issue seen here in the images.

The Original

Draw It Out Spray

This is another of our great results.  This was achieved after a single 6hr application of our CONCENTRATE.  While the CONCENTRATE is great for leg applications this was before we formulated our GEL formula which was specifically designed for spot and leg applications.  Here the CONCENTRATE was mixed at 50/50, applied and wrapped.  Application occured after the leg was cleaned to ensure there was no contaminates or other issues.

DiO Liniment
Canadian Results from JBM Equi-Farms