Want to know about Draw it Out Gel?

  • Gentle on Your Horse's Skin

  • Tough on Swelling & Soreness

  • Safe if accidentally ingested

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Maximize your equine partner's performance with DiO GEL, a natural and effective solution for common equine ailments like wind puffs, stone bruises, and sore joints or muscles. With a unique gel formula that stays in place, DiO GEL is the ideal choice for targeted applications on the legs or other areas. Its non-greasy and clear-drying formula won't affect your tack or equipment and is safe to use with pads, boots, and wraps. DiO GEL harnesses the power of earth's minerals to penetrate deep and reduce inflammation, providing efficient pain management for your horse. Keep your equine at their best with DiO, a holistic approach to equine health and wellness.

  • Versatility
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Effective

Get versatile pain relief for your equine partner with DiO GEL. This innovative solution can be used on hooves, legs, stifles, and any other area that requires relief. Its convenient use before training or events makes it a valuable tool for horses prone to stocking up. Experience the benefits of a natural and effective approach to equine wellness with DiO GEL.

Experience powerful pain relief for your horse with DiO GEL. With 125% more potency than our concentrate formula, a small amount of DiO GEL goes a long way. And, you won't have to wait long for results - you may see improvement in just a few hours after application. Get fast and effective relief for your equine partner with DiO GEL.

Provide gentle relief for your horse with DiO GEL. Its application is gentle, with no tingling, heating, or cooling, ensuring that your horse won't react to the treatment. And, you can safely wrap or boot over DiO GEL without worrying about any active ingredients. Get peace of mind and effective relief for your equine partner with DiO GEL.

Get fast results for your horse with DiO GEL. With the ability to see improvement within hours of application, DiO GEL provides quick relief for your equine partner. And, with its cumulative effect, you can't apply too much and regular use will keep your horse feeling great. Experience the benefits of effective and convenient equine pain relief with DiO GEL.

Provide safe relief for all equine members of your family with DiO. Both the concentrate and gel formulas are safe for pregnant or nursing animals and for those intended for human consumption. And, in the unlikely event of accidental ingestion or skin contact, DiO is safe for you and your horse. Enjoy peace of mind and effective relief with DiO.

How often should you use DiO GEL?

Maximize your horse's comfort during training and events with DiO GEL. Whether it's a short haul or a long trip, DiO GEL can be applied before and during the journey to provide ongoing relief. With no burning or blistering, your horse will be comfortable the entire way. And, with a clear-drying formula, there's no need for a last-minute wash before your event. For best results, many customers use a regimen of applying DiO GEL a few hours before the event, immediately after, and once more in the evening, taking advantage of its cumulative effect for fresh, pain-free legs. Get ready for optimal performance with DiO GEL.

Be Your Horse's Hero

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