Draw it Out® Complete Equine Performance® Bundle

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🐴 Elevate Your Equine's Performance with the Draw it Out® Complete Equine Performance® Bundle! 🌟

Experience the pinnacle of equine well-being with our exclusive Draw it Out® Complete Equine Performance® Bundle. This exceptional package combines the power of science and nature to support your horse's comfort and vitality.

Draw it Out 16oz GEL - Enhanced Potency for Maximum Relief and Comfort

Revel in the best of both worlds with Draw it Out's high-potency gel formula. This advanced product boasts 125% of the concentrate's full-strength potency, ensuring exceptional effectiveness in providing deep, penetrating pain relief and reducing inflammation. Bid farewell to mess and inconvenience, as our odorless and colorless gel stays in place, ready to enhance your horse's comfort. Whether under pads, boots, wraps, or other therapeutic products, our gel is your equine companion's ultimate source of comfort.

Crafted with a unique blend of minerals modeled after an Epsom salt profile, our gel offers unparalleled care. Its thicker consistency sets it apart from competitors, allowing it to stay put for optimal efficacy. Safety is paramount, as our formula is 100% horse and human friendly – even accidental ingestion won't cause harm. Address deep and soft tissue discomfort before, during, and after competition with Draw it Out. Our veterinary-strength formula ensures aggressive relief with a gentle touch, making it perfect for sensitive-skinned horses. And yes, it's compliant with FEI regulations, offering you peace of mind.

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 32oz Concentrate Spray - Wrap - Soak

Introducing Draw it Out, the ultimate solution for equine pain management and inflammation reduction. Our original concentrate formula adapts to your needs – mix it stronger for faster results. Versatile and effective, it can be used as a soak, poultice, or general body spray, catering to a range of equine health issues. Based on an Epsom salt profile, our proprietary mineral blend delivers powerful results cost-effectively. From pre-event preparation to post-training recovery, it's an essential addition to your equine toolkit.

For ongoing care, a 70/30 (Water/Draw it Out) mix is recommended, while injuries benefit from a 50/50 mix. Need aggressive action? Use the concentrate at full strength for severe injuries. Beyond its therapeutic uses, Draw it Out is great for abscesses and large-area applications. Trust in its effectiveness without fear of burning or blistering. Elevate your horse's health and performance with Draw it Out today.

IceBath by Draw it Out® 32oz RTU Spray

Treat your horse to post-event rejuvenation with our IceBath Cooling Body Wash and Brace. Designed to soothe and stimulate, this wash comes infused with natural ingredients like Aloe, Arnica, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Thyme. The powerful spray system ensures easy application, simplifying the washing process. Let IceBath sit before rinsing for optimal results. With a single bottle washing up to 10 horses, it's a must-have for your equine care arsenal.

Draw It Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray

Embrace a holistic approach to equine skin care with Draw it Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray. This all-in-one solution is meticulously crafted to provide rapid and effective relief for a variety of skin concerns. From sweet itch to scratches, our proprietary blend, including zinc oxide, zinc pyrithione, Aloe Vera, Arnica, Chamomile, and Manuka Honey, brings comfort and healing to your equine companion.

Easy to use and safe for daily application, this formula is free from dyes and fragrances. It's the ideal solution to promote optimal skin health and well-being.

🌿 Elevate your equine partner's performance and comfort with the Draw it Out® Complete Equine Performance® Bundle – because they deserve the very best! 🌟