TeamDiO is comprised of Professional Horsemen from all walks of Life. Barrel Racers, Reiners, Ranchers and everyone in between can benefit from incorporating Draw it Out into their horse care regimen. Our team members are people who truly believe in Draw it Out.

International 5* Eventing Rider Ema Klugman

I heard about Draw It Out liniment from a friend so I was interested to try it. I put it on my preliminary horse right after cross country at an event, and her legs looked great and tight the next day. I was impressed because she normally has a bit of swelling after a hard workout. I have since been using it on my other horses after jumping and galloping and had great results. Our horses do so much for us and they deserve the best care possible. I'm very happy with how the Draw It Out formula has helped my horses feel more comfortable and able to do their jobs-- whether it's a jump school at home or galloping around the Kentucky Three-Day Event.

5* Eventer Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride

I can’t believe how fast the DIO liniments became a part of my program! They have a complimentary line that is very easy to use based on the specific need. After a strenuous workout we can give a complete bath and know they are feeling good from their nose to their tail! It’s very natural, no harsh chemicals or odor or fake tingle! It’s simple and never causes a reaction no matter how often you use it. We feel confident using it on our most sensitive of TBs!

We also love the gel so we can spot treat isolated areas. A hot tip - we even use it before we ride to get the most out of training sessions or lessons! I personally can vouch for the gel because DIO concocted a human version as well! I have it stashed at the barn, in the trailer, and at my house! Aches and pains can be distracting and I experience immediate relief upon using the Rejuv. And it’s safe to use several times a day. Which I’ve had to do for some stubborn injuries while trying to stay focused on my competition!

Another good topical product that we use is the salve for pesky scratches. Whether it’s winter mud or summer dew, scratches are always on our radar. The salve does a great job of sticking even during turn out so while it’s helping treat and heal, it’s also keeping additional moisture out.

The product we have the most fun with is the stall cleaner....and using it on the trailer! The bottle easily attaches to the hose, administers the perfect amount of cleaner while we maneuver all around. It’s instant gratification blasting the walls and seeing the immediate difference!

5* Rider Colleen Rutledge

"Keeping inflammation out of my horses legs is very important to me and I have a number of horses that are allergic to standard poultice. Draw it Out is easy to use, and doesn’t cause adverse skin reactions while helping to keep their legs tight and feeling great"

Martin Douzant of The Frame Sporthorses 

"Draw It Out products are in our barn because they are safe, they are proven, and they are effective! DiO liniment spray, gel and Master Mudd are gentle enough for our young horses and effective enough for our competition horses. With products for both horse and rider you will restore yourself and your equine!"

Tips on Applying for TeamDiO

Be a Customer First

Be familiar with our products, be able to share with others about how/why you feel Draw it Out product(s) work. Make sure you have used the product(s) for  an extended amount of time (don't turn in an application if you ordered last weekend).


Character Counts

You don't have to have a long list of accomplishments, but being a good competitor and role model to your peers is hugely important.  Character is a major part of TeamDiO

Your Social Media Presence Matters

You don't need 10K+ followers, but keep in mind we are going to take time to look at your accounts - so don't post something you wouldn't want your mom, employer or potential sponsor to see.


Preparation is Key

Applying for this sponsorship is just like applying for a job. Take the time to put together some reasons why you'd be a great addition to our team. A resume and references show you are serious about the opportunity. Sending an informal message through social media or email asking if we accept sponsorships tells us you have not taken the time to do your homework, first impressions are lasting!