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#TEAMDiO is comprised of Professional Horsemen from all walks of Life. Barrel Racers, Reiners, Ranchers and everyone in between can benefit from incorporating DiO into their horse care regimen. Our team members are people who truly believe in DiO. The next time you are at an event. Look for one of our patches and ask the person wearing it about our products, they will be happy to tell you about DiO and may even have some samples for you!

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International 5* Eventing Rider Ema Klugman

I heard about Draw It Out liniment from a friend so I was interested to try it. I put it on my preliminary horse right after cross country at an event, and her legs looked great and tight the next day. I was impressed because she normally has a bit of swelling after a hard workout. I have since been using it on my other horses after jumping and galloping and had great results. Our horses do so much for us and they deserve the best care possible. I'm very happy with how the Draw It Out formula has helped my horses feel more comfortable and able to do their jobs-- whether it's a jump school at home or galloping around the Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Casey McMurray

    I have been using Draw it Out for a couple of years now. The main reason why I started was that my horse contracted Lyme Disease. Ever since then he has puffiness on his legs and was not running to his full potential. Draw it Out helped take the puffiness right out of his legs. In just a couple of usages, he was running even faster than before the Lyme Disease, and the puffiness decrease drastically. We now use the Draw it Out Horse Liniment Gel on all of the horses after every run and the Draw it Out Horse Liniment Concentrate after every ride. We love how Draw it Out can take the soreness right out of the horses without even needing to be wrapped. With all the work these horses put in each day to perform their best, it is very common for them to become sore. I love how I can always count on Draw it Out to help them feel their best no matter where they are sore. It is so easy to use and we always make sure we have plenty on hand. Thank you Draw it Out for all the work you have put into these products for making sure the horses can feel their best! - Casey McMurray

Mikalie Maunu

I like Draw it Out is because it’s the best possible solution for sore muscles and swelling. I struggled for years trying to find a better alternative for my barrel horse then injecting his hocks. I wanted to find something that was all natural and work equally as good as an injection, if not better. I found Draw it Out when a good friend of mine introduced it to me and said why don’t you start using a liniment? I will never go back to injections after seeing the success my horses have had when using Draw it Out. I like to use more concentrate on my horses that I know get pretty sore on their hind end. It’s incredible how they can plant their butts and turn a barrel at such a high speed. It’s really important to take care of them and keep them as healthy as possible. They are athletes just us! I typically spray their front legs, back legs and make sure I get their hocks!


Kaylin Novak

Rilee Frates

Draw It Out is an amazing product that shows results right away!! I have seen a huge change in my horses before and after using thse products. During the week I like to apply the DIO liniment the my horses hocks, backs and legs after each workout. On show weekends and races, I apply the liniment before and after running. With this product my horses are able to run at their full potential without being sore. One of my horses is currently being rehabbed from a torn suspensory ligament. I started using this product on him and it has helped keep his leg feeling amazing after each rehab session. I highly recommend DIO products to all my fellow competitors and their furry friends!! 

Maelee Wade

I started using DIO 2 years ago and I love it!! I like to use the liniment pre and post workout but my favorite thing about DIO liniment is I can use it under my Rambo sheet and boots over night and on the long trailer rides to reduce swelling and stiffness. Thank you DIO for making such an amazing product that keeps my equine athlete feelings his absolute best!!

Kaysie Burgess

As a barrel racer who competes in at least three rodeos every weekend, I want to be suremy horses are feeling their best. When my horses are getting hauled and ran multiple times in aweekend, they tend to get sore in their legs and backs. Draw It Out has helped eliminate sorenessin my horses and allows them to perform to their full potential. Before hauling, I rub my horses’legs down with the DiO gel. I will also rub their legs down with the gel after a run or strenuousexercise. When my horses get sore in their hind ends and backs, I will spray the DiO concentratein the areas where soreness is occurring. I love that DiO is colorless and odorless. The best partabout DiO is the products are completely safe and will not burn your horses when left on for along amount of time. Needless to say, Draw It Out is a necessity in my barn and trailer.

Paige Knight

My name is Paige Knight and for my team Draw it Out has been a blessing , both my mare and gelding stay on there game and free from swelling after long hours on the road and hard runs . We use draw it out the most during peak competition months but I also like to apply in the winter months . I love the cleanliness of DIO . I don’t get muddy hands or nasty sticky boots after applying . I will always keep my trailer stocked with DIO 🙌

Kelsey White

Draw It Out has been so helpful to keep our horses feeling their best at home and at competition. We use the DIO liniment at home before or after the horse works out. Being able to use this product under saddle pads helps relax and loosen up back muscles before a workout. Traveling and stalling can cause soreness and stiffness, using DIO at competitions helps our horses to feel better and be able to perform at their best. This liniment is easy to apply, no messes and you don’t need to use gloves to apply. Draw it out spray or gel is always in our grooming bags and trailers.

Lexie Gifford

I love using draw it out products because it constantly keeps my horses on track and performing to there best. Draw it out liniment has helped bring my horses back quicker and safer with and injury they have. I trust draw it out on any horse. I use it on swollen or sore body part, and I am able to get my horses to give me 110% every run. During rodeo season I make sure I am stocked up before leaving for the weekend so my horses can perform to their best ability without worrying if they are sore. I trust Draw It Out on all my horses and wouldn’t use any other product. Thank you Draw It Out for keeping my horses performing!

Kali Crowe

I like DIO because it’s so easy to use. I love that you can apply the liniment on your horse and you able to put a pad or boots on them without it burning or blistering. I like that it is odorless because you always have that spray or something that smells terrible that makes you not want to use it. It clear so it looks like you have nothing there and your horse doesn’t look dirty from it. I also love that it is quickly affective and I can tell my horses feel better after a few minutes and there ready to run again.I use DIO a two different ways on my horses depending on how they feel and how there moving. If my horse is moving stiff and looks stuck, I will use 40% DIO and 60% of water and soak a rag or a boot and keep it moist. After every run, I use 50% DIO and 50% water and soak a rag or boot in it. I usually let it sit for a hour and keep it moist unless they look like they need it longer.

Sarena Pearse

She had a dad as a trainer, farrier, and lover of all horses. Following in her dads footsteps in leaving a Legacy when she’s gone. Pearse Endurance was born, 2017. I’ve a few horses here in my business already. Healing my main horse from an Suspensory Ligament 10 yrs. ago. I’ve found that using DiO GEL has kept him tight & cool. We may have only been using it for a month. I’ve found results are amazingly surprising. Endurance horses tend to have scrapes, bruises, abrasions that could sting when Liniment goes on. DiO GEL doesn’t even make him flinch even if it’s over cuts. Wow!! I love how it is easy on my skin too. My sport is all about wellness of the horse. All my concerns are in the welfare of horses in my care. My horses in my program are athletes, and so are the riders! I’ve 10 years in competing in 50 to 100 miles- take you from 12 hrs to 24 hrs to finish. With my competitions starting up and going until December DiO GEL will be hard at work, and my horse Runs with DiO!

 Cheyenne Spelman

My horse was constantly sore in his shoulders, a friend recommended rubbing liniment on under my saddle pad when I rode to help free him up. I was hesitant to use just any liniment, that’s when I found Draw it out! DIO has made a Hugh difference in keeping my horse free and moving great, the best part is I don’t have to worry I will burn him! I use DIO under my saddle pad and wraps keeping his shoulders feeling good and his legs tight. Draw It Out is my go-to liniment and I won’t leave home without Draw It Out Gel in my trailer. Thank you DIO my horse and I appreciate your awesome product.   

 Chevelle Reed

My name is Chevelle Reed and I’ve only been using Draw it out products for a little over a year now, and it has shown me true value towards the product. I use DIO before a run and after a run for a cooling method. After I put the liniment on my horses legs I use back on track boots as a wrap on top of the DIO. I also put the liniment on my horses withers to prevent soreness in their wither area and sometimes on their shoulders. I have a horse that gets really stocked up and I put the DIO liniment onto her legs and the next day her puffiness is gone. I love how Draw It Out is all natural and doesn’t burn my horses with a wrap on top. I’m able to put my therapeutic blankets on without worry. I will stand by this product and always have it in hand.

 Shawnee Sagers

From messy muds, sticky gels, tedious treatment routines and whatever other remedies arefloating around the equine market right now Draw it Out is my favorite. It is easy to use, naturaland very effective. I keep a mix of the concentrate on hand to spray my horses down after hardworkouts, as well as before and after competition. When hauling long distances it is easy andconvenient to spray on the concentrate or rub the horses legs down with the DiO gel beforewrapping them.In addition to using DiO products when competing and preparing for completion, as a certifiedequine massage therapist DiO is my go to product to help rehab and maintain the horses I workon. After each massage I spray the horses down with DiO to help relieve pain or stress on themuscles. I like the product so much I even use it on myself.

Bree Huggins

My name is Bree Huggins and I have been using Draw it Out products for about 2 years. DIO has been a game changer for me and my horses in many ways. If I have a horse that’s sore or stocking up or has some swelling from an injury the first product I grab is DIO. It is also great to poultice an abscess with! My favorite product is the concentrate and the DIO spray bottle that makes it easy to mix different concentrations based on your strength preference and the gel is also very handy for applying more DIO to an area quickly or for areas some horses do not tolerate a spray as well such as around their face and upper neck. I also love that DIO does not blister or burn like other lineaments and can be used under a saddle pad, boots, magnets, bandages, etc without worry. I use DIO on all my barrel horses before and after a run. I have used the product on myself when I am sore or had some swelling from an injury. I always make sure to have DIO in my trailer and barn at all times!

Cheyenne Johns

Draw It Out has become a lifeline for me. It’s been a major factor in keeping my 22 year old running strong. I use the Draw It Out concentrate for swelling and inflammation under wraps or alone. For post run preventatives I use Draw It Out Gel. Without Draw It Out keeping my mares tendons and joints working good, I’m not so sure she would still be running. I owe it all to Draw It Out!

Rachel Hansen

In order for a horse to compete at a high level, they need to be feeling their best. DiO has been a lifesaver for me in more ways than one. I love the versatility of this product, and the all natural ingredients. I have found DiO to be extremely helpful in relieving sore muscles, trailering, and also in the treatment of hoof abscesses. In the summertime it's often too hot for many therapeutic products, so I love that DiO can keep my horses comfortable without creating heat. I first used DiO while bringing my main barrel horse back from a suspensory ligament injury, and have been a firm believer ever since!

Isabella Bishop

I’m Isabella and the reason I stated using DiO is because my horses were constantly sore and hurting from extreme practices and workouts. When I found DiO I knew it could be a game changer after I noticed so much relief from my horses body! DIO is my go to liniment whether it’s pre run, post run, hard workouts, or travel. I use DiO on all my horses, When traveling or rodeoing hard my horses use to stay sore until I found DiO, DiO has improved my horses performance tremendously! This product is absolutely amazing and I can say I will never go without it again!

Andrea Rose Gines

My name is Andrea Rose Gines, I'm a barrel racer and I've been using DIO on and off for a few years now. I used the DIO concentrate on my 17yo grade QH religiously after quite a few people from the barn I was boarding him at recommended I used DIO products just to keep him in tip top shape. After he passed I purchased an 8yo grade Arabian/Appaloosa mare who had some prior injuries I wasn't aware of so I started spraying her with the DIO concentrate as well. I spray it on her, let it sit, and then I give her a good massage before a work out and even on the day's she has off from work. I also spray it all over her after a work out to help cool her down. She always looks for it when I bring out her brush tote so I know she loves it just as much as I do!

Laney Randall

I love Draw it Out products for my horses because they are the only thing that I havefound that truly works. My main horse suffered a suspensory ligament injury and Ihave used the liniment almost every day, before and after every ride. I noticed ahuge difference with the Draw it Out products and how well they worked. Being onthe road almost every weekend hauling to rodeos, my horses and I both get sore andwe never miss a chance to use the gel liniment. I never leave my barn without theproducts and I never leave out the chance to share my awesome story witheveryone.

Jenelle Engstad

My horses and I love the Draw it Out products! The ones I use on them are the Draw It Out Gel mainly and I do have the spray bottle and Draw It Out concentrate as well for on the road because it’s easy to pack in my brush box when traveling!I use the products on my horses knees, hocks, neck, shoulders, back, and poll areas.

-Jenelle Engstad

Tami Pavolick

Draw it Out is by far my most favorite liniment!! A friend introduced it to me about a year or two ago and it has been my go to since. I swear by it before and after I ride. Cheetah seems so much more loose and soft for a run after I spray her down. My old mares nerves used to get the best of her and she’s always get real stiff and sore in her neck and poll area. DIO was the best thing I could use on her as well. One of my favorite things about DIO is that I can spray or rub them down and still wrap their legs right away or throw a sheet on, unlike most liniments that’ll burn.  

Renae Cowley

DiO Liniments are a staple in my trailer. I rely on liniments to keep my horses feeling their best, especially during peak competition months. Liniments are a great solution to preventing soreness and avoiding injuries. I use DIO on my horses' legs and major muscle groups to aid in recovery and reduce inflammation. I love that it dries completely without leaving messy residue. I never have to wash off mud or scrub the product off after use. It is also very gentle and never burns their skin. No mess, no smell, no gloves, no cleanup - DiO is really easy to use and highly effective.Before I load my horses up I'll soak their wraps in the DiO concentrate and leave them on the whole trailer ride. Then I'll use the concentrate in a spray bottle along my horses' top line before and after a run. This helps them limber up and keeps their muscles loose throughout the competition. Finally, I rub their legs down after a run with the DrawItOut gel.DiO liniments are my go-to to address and prevent a wide array of problems that are just inherit for horses competing at the highest levels such as back soreness, hock and general leg swelling, and stiffness. DiO keeps us running at our very best. - Renae Cowley

Autumn Williams

DIO has done so much for my horse. He is always sore after those long, hard drills, long day of a show, or those cold winter days that leave the muscles a little tight. I’ve used several different lineaments before finding DIO & I didn’t have near as good results with the others as I did with this. He’s back to running around, bucking, & playing in the field like a kid again the next day after rubbing the gel on. The Rapid Relief is another one of my favorites. My horse sustained a cannon bone injury & I used the RR on it twice a day. Healed in a few weeks, little to no swelling, & he quit limping! The shampoo is also another one of my favorites. I give in a bath using it before each show that I can. It makes me feel good that’s he’s cleaned & refreshed while loosening up anything that might be tight.

Jessica Barto

I’m Jessica Barto from northern MN! I like Draw it out USA because of its great benefits for my equine partner Mario! Our horses work hard for us and I am happy knowing lineament gel will help aid recovery, prevent or help heal injury ! Which is a game changer in my eyes! 

Rebekah Loconsay

There are many liniments out there that aren’t real effective, but @drawitoutusa by far is one of my favorite products. At the beginning of the year Claude suffered from a suspensory injury. After each workout I use @drawitoutusa to ensure that there will not be any inflammation or soreness the next day.  

Kamdyn Maher

I have never been one to try product after product for something that I have not seen proven results, but after discovering Draw it Out which was recommended to me by a friend I was instantly hooked. I began using this product due to the fly hives that my mare gets in the summer. I had seen the results on Mishaila Sampson’s horse, who had also had hives and the results were incredible. I tried the product for myself and it did exactly what I had hoped it would, provided a natural alternative rather than giving steroids. Fast forward a couple months and regularly I would use Draw it Out on my mare after a hard ride. I began to start doing reined cow horse and felt my horse needed to be taken care of the best way possible due to the demand of the discipline. I regularly use Draw it Out after every ride no matter how hard or easy. Because of this product I believe my horse performs to the best of her ability and stays comfortable while doing it. I cannot recommend this product enough. 

Amber Garrett

"My horses health, comfort & safety are a top priority." With my barrel horses giving me 110% every run, it is up to me to ensure they feel good-that is when I turned to Draw It Out! I use Draw It Out pre & post performance, long hauling, as well as on any specific problematic areas as needed! Its a natural, effective, simple to use liniment that gives me the confidence my horse are feeling and performing at peak levels!" 

Loni Ayers

Draw it Out is my absolute favorite liniment on the market. Prior to using DiO, I was using normal liniments after running my horses and was not seeing a lot of results. Then after my pole horse fell down during a run his owner came and sprayed him down with the DiO she had mixed up and gave me the bottle. After that I started seeing results with the liniment. We turned around and won the next go of the poles. A few weeks later I ended up tearing my meniscus right before a rodeo and was hardly able to walk. I was then given a new bottle of DiO Concentrate to mix up and was told to put it on my knee. It reduced the swelling and I was walking better. So after seeing what difference it made for my horses and myself, I was hooked. I have been telling others about this stuff since then. I use it on my horses after workouts, long days of ranch work, and before and after runs. I love that I can apply it under boots, wraps, and pads without any irritation. Now DiO is always in my trailer and my house. 

Logan Braxton

I love DIO liniment because it keeps my horses feeling good no matter what. I use it before and after every workout, or even during long travel. DIO keeps my horses performing their best! 

Hillarie Combs

I started using DIO liniment shortly after I noticed my barrel horse running differently. He was very stiffin his stifles and not extending out when he ran. He was also having trouble pushing himself out of thebarrels. I had the choice to get him x-rayed or try something else before resorting to the x-rays. I foundDIO and immediately started using it on his stifles and legs. I noticed improvement in his daily workoutsand shortly after using it, he was running like he used to and knocking seconds off his barrel runs. Now, Iuse it on him before and after workout and competition. It is something that I have incorporated intomy usual routine for the horses. I use it on all three of my geldings to help them feel great and toimprove their performance. I keep bottles of this liniment in the barn and the trailer, always! It is anamazing product!

Morgan Billing

I wanted to start by thanking you for giving me the opportunity for the introductory sponsorship! Here’s a little background on me. I’ve been barrel racing for about 4 years now. I started out riding and showing saddlebreds at the age of 4, and even though i love saddlebreds, quarter horses and barrel racing have taken over my life. I currently train 2 of my own horses that I run competitively in barrel shows and rodeos and have just started training my yearling doing ground work. I also give barrel racing lessons along with working at a big Morgan show farm and taking care of 22 horses on my family farm. I discovered DiO last year after searching online for the best liniment. With the outstanding reviews i couldn’t resist trying it. I use it on my horses before and after every run or workout. One thing i love about DiO is that it is completely natural and doesn’t burn, I can apply it to my horse without worrying about any burning or blistering. My mare the one day had randomly come in from the pasture with a swollen ankle so I applied the DiO gel and noticed a difference in 2 hours and then it was totally normal by morning. My other mare used to get very sore in her back. I started applying the gel every time before and after i ride and she has not had any soreness in her back anymore. My horses work their hardest for me so I work my hardest to provide the best for them. They truly deserve the best care and that is why I choose DiO liniment, because I believe it is the best.

Kaity McCarthy

“At first I thought DIO was just like any other liniment. Boy did my mind change fast! DIO is the most universal liniment I have ever used! I start by spraying my horses back before a ride and end with rubbing the gel on his legs after a ride. I recently learned it can also treat abscesses and thrush! I needed an abscess out FAST before a run. DIO pulled it down and popped it in 24 hours! It will forever have a place in my trailer. Love DIO!”

Brittany Oswold

I like the draw it out products because they make my horse feel better and I can notice a difference in them in work outs and post work outs after I put the liniment gel on the legs. Every once in awhile when I notice my gelding with arthritis starts to get sore in the colder weather I put it all over his legs and within a few hours I noticed a change in the way he walks. I don’t have any photos but the next time I use I will have someone take pictures of me applying it on the horses and videos of the difference in them!

Charlcie Parker

DIO has saved my horses legs in all aspects. I use the DIO concentrate before and after my barrel runs and after exercising my horses. I put the concentrate all over the legs and under my saddle pad before runs. I feel that it just calms them and prevents any soreness that could happen. I have been using DIO products for about a year now and I will never not use them. When I was at the Border Bash in Guthrie Oklahoma, my horse had swelled a lot after being stalled overnight. I pulled her out of the stall and immediately put the concentrate on her legs and 30 minutes later I came back and all swelling was gone! These products are life changing when you are hauling countless hours and having to stall. You can’t find better than these products!

Tracie Hedlof

Hi my name is Tracie Hedlof I own a Paint/ Arab cross named Booker he isi my heart horse. I would like to say to anyone who is wondering, does Draw it Out work?, I can tell you yes it does. My horse Booker got out in snow in over belly deep snow sunk down in had to jump and pull thru that snow and slipping around on icy ground, he had muscle soreness and inflammation from hoof to to his head. I had a sample of Draw It Out. on hand thought lets give it a try. To my surprise in a couple hours there was improvement and by the next day only the worst areas had heat or swelling. We then ended up with sub-zero temps and I do not have a barn with stalls or other horses to help keep Booker warm so I was worried Booker would stiffen up and get worse. By rubbing Draw it out on him once daily it kept up moving and comfortable even in the coldest temps till he was feeling better. I will be grateful I always I had this product on hand when that happened and will now always have a bottle on hand. Thank You Draw It Out for making Booker comfortable during his healing process. I look forward to using it during barrel racing season to keep Booker in tip top shape.

Ashley Worth

DiO is a staple in our trailer. Not only does it provide relief for sore muscles, but it has done amazing things to my horses’ feet. I have one horse that is prone to abscesses and another to sore feet. When I can tell either one is hurting, I cover their feet in DiO, wrap it in a diaper, and let DiO do it’s thing overnight. It has cut way down on recovery time for abscesses and I can tell immediately the next day that it provides relief to my gelding with sore feet. I love that DiO is odorless and even use it on myself. After I had back surgery, I would use DiO to relieve my pain and didn’t have to worry about smelling like I bathed in icy-hot. We even have our horse shoer using DiO on himself to help relieve the aches and pains that go along with the job. This is one of my favorite products and I don’t leave home without it!

Kally Evans

I couldn't run without Draw it out! I was first introduced to the product while visiting a clinic 2 years ago. My horse had just been shoed and started acting a bit lame. I was 3 hours away from home and worried. I ran in the shop looking for magnesium sulfate and insted walked out with Draw it out gel. I coated his hoof and cannon with the gel and wrapped it up. The next day he was good as new. I have come to learn my main horse hets nivecular pain from an old injury. Before and after big runs I do exactly as I did the day I bought Draw it out for the first time. I also use the gel on his back and glutes pre and post runs. But the biggest testament is... I use the product on myself to help with muscle soreness and old injury issues.

Marin Hudson

DiO has been a huge blessing for my horses and me. We love the fact that it’s made from all natural product and easy and clean to use! It doesn’t irritate their skin and best of all we don’t need gloves to use. It’s perfect for pre work out, after workout, our long trailer rides and when they are being stalled to keep their muscles limber and ready to go.

Charli Micklewright

I started using DIO 3 years ago. I have tried numerous other liniment's and found that some were very strong and my sensitive gelding would start freaking out once applied. I switched to DIO gel and noticed he was relaxed and it never once bothered him, but most importantly I saw results. It's been my go to before and after I make a run, after he gets his shoes pulled off for the winter he gets a little sore I rub some all over his hocks and legs and helps the healing process so much fast! Thank you DIO for making such a great product that works and helps keep our equine athletes competing and performing at their best!

Brianna Gedeon

I love DiO for so many reasons I am an equine massage therapist and I massage many horses that are old and arthritic or just sore from being worked in rodeos or races all the time I started using DiO to get rid of soreness and The results have been amazing. I also have a horse with epm and he had become very weak and wobbly in is back end since issuing DiO and weekly massages we are now able to

#TeamDiO Testimonials

  • Bailey Prewitt
  • Sarah Tiry
  • Maddie Brown
  • Shelby Trader
  • Brandee Wardell
  • Samantha Adkins
  • Afton McCourt
  • Maegan Heiner
  • Danielle Carie
  • Rylee Strauser
  • Jessie Graham
  • Cassie Meyer
  • Sissie Wherrell
  • Shaw-Marie Davis
  • Allie Darrow
  • Waylon Stuckey
  • Marissa Norlien

I have two barrel horses who compete almost every week. Between hauling, running, and training I always like spoiling my horses and putting liniment on their legs to make them feel their best. I tried a bunch of different kinds and by far my favorite is the Dio gel liniment. It’s easy to use and my horses absolutely love it! My mare is currently injured and it helps keep her feeling good recovering from her injury as well! 

My name is Sarah Tiry. I love Draw It Out! My horses have benefited from it before and after we ride or compete. It helps keep them loose and feeling great. I love that there is no odor to it unlike others. I love the spray as it's so easy to use. Just spray and go. Happy horses, happy riding! I don't go anywhere without Draw It Out!

I have been using Draw It Out products for over a year now and it is by far my favorite liniment for my horses! I found this company through a friend who had recommended it to me. When I started reading into it, I saw that it was safe to use without gloves and it will never burn a horse or myself. To me that makes me feel so good knowing what I use on my horse will never harm them and I see the best results. Draw It Out is in my everyday routine and I am a firm believer it keeps my horses running strong. One of my mares get extremely tight and sore easy but applying Draw It Out on her problematic areas helps her feel her best and releases any stress she is feeling. After riding, I always rinse my horses down and then apply their DiO on backs, legs, and hocks. It gives me a peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of. I am incredibly grateful for an amazing company that takes pride in keeping horses happy along with the customers! -Maddie Brown

I recently just started using this product on my equine senior. She has always struggled with back issues and it seems liniment is the only way to help her continue to live her life to the fullest possible. She enjoys doing dressage as well as jumping thanks to Draw it Out liniment.

- Shelby Trader

I had a 3 year old gelding come in from the pasture lame on a back leg, with swelling around his pastern joint. I ran cold water on it 3x per day and applied Draw It Out to the area 3-4x per day. In two days, he was 90% better and on day 3 he was 100% and ready to go back to the pasture. I was very impressed with how fast the swelling and pain went away! Cold water and DiO were all I did. No pain medication or other topical supplements. Here are my before and after pictures.  

 -Bandee Wardell

DiO is my favorite product to use on my horses. I started using DiO when my sensitive horse was having reactions to other liniments. I love the fact that DiO is an all-natural product that you can use under any wraps and I do not have to worry about it burning or causing blisters. My favorite product to use is the gel. I like to use it after a workout, while hauling, and before and after a run. I am super thankful for a product that keeps my horses feeling good and I do not have to worry about my horses having a reaction.

 -Samantha Adkins

Draw It Out has made a huge difference when it comes to my horses. I choose DiO over other products because it is a natural liniment, and it eliminates the risk of burns. I include draw it out concentrate in my pre run routine by coating my horses with it before every run. They now know that once they have their DiO on its game time. Discovering Draw It Out and implementing it into my routine has made a drastic difference in my horses performance and health.  

I started using Draw It Out about three weeks ago after I had to have my horses SI's injected. My vet recommended it to use on his back because I would be able to use it under my saddle and pad without burning his back. I have been using it every day since then on his back and his legs. I am amazed at how good it works and how mess free it is. I love the gel and love that I don't have to use rubber gloves because there is no stink! Sometimes when traveling between rodeos my horse would get a little stocked up in his front legs, especially if he had to stay in a small stall. I have noticed since I have started using DiO his front legs never stock up. So far I love this product and my horse seems to love it too!

Draw It Out is my favorite liniment ever! DIO has helped my horses and I out in so many ways! For example, a month ago we went to one of our local rodeos and I unloaded my horse and noticed his right hind fetlock was swollen pretty good, so I pulled out my DIO gel and put some on and waited a little bit , shortly after I could already tell that the swelling has came down quite a bit! By the time I saddled and put his polo wraps on, his fetlock looked perfectly normal and he ran amazing and won the barrels! My other gelding tends to get very stocked up legs when he's in a stall, so I pull out my DIO, put it on in the morning later in the day his legs are perfect and he's ready to compete! I will never ever travel without my Draw It Out! I use it before a run, and after a run. Thank you Draw It Out for making such a great product to keep our equine friends and riders always feeling their best! - Danielle Carie 

Rylee Strauser
Draw It Out has been my go to product for preventative practices as well as helping with problems this past year! My main rodeo mare has had to make a lot of runs this year. I know that Draw It Out has helped her get through the year and go rodeo to rodeo feeling great! Just about every day my horses get DIO put on them. I use it after any workout that is more than a trail ride. I apply it to all four legs as well the hips and neck to stay free of soreness!I’ve had several issues that have happened this past year and Draw It Out was my lifesaver! Two days after one of the rodeos my horse was “off” and I knew it had to be an abscess. I cleaned her hoof out and put some DIO Gel on gauze and wrapped her foot. Within a week I was back riding her and headed to the next rodeo with a sound horse! From addressing an issue to taking preventative measures, I will never be on the road without Draw It Out!
DIO has been an absolute life saver for me! I began using it at the BBR World Finals and fell in love. I use it on my horses and myself (it's great for soreness after hitting a barrel). DIO has worked wonders on my horses and myself by relaxing sore muscles, reducing swelling, and helping to prevent other various injuries. DIO is by far my absolute favorite product to use on my horses. I would never leave home without DIO in my trailer! -Cassie Meyer
DIO has become my “go to” product for soreness in my horses feet. My horse had avery bad bruise at the toe and I had tried other products for weeks but did not see anyresults. After 4 nights of packing his foot with DIO gel, he went from head bobbing lameto riding him on the 5th day.I have also had 2 horses with tendon injuries this year. I have used DIO on them dailyand the vet was surprised that they have recovered faster than anticipated.DIO will be in my trailer at all times as I am sold on DIO products!!-Sissie Wherrell
My name is Shaw Davis and I started using draw it out about 6 months ago when I purchased my new mare. I have to say I instantly fell in love, I feel like it is a line that I can use on my horse as well as myself which is a win in my book. I started out using it just on her legs until I leaned that it is safe using under my saddle pad and wraps. I love that it will not blister that is one less worry as a horse owner. It is now part of my everyday routine to use the concentrate sprayed under my pad before I saddle then when I am done I will spray her whole body down and use the gel on her legs, hocks and stifles. Since doing this I haven’t had any body soreness especially after a hard work out or a two or three day weekend. If I haul her I use the gel under her shipping boots and I have no worry she will be sore when I pull her off the trailer. I also recently hit a barrel pretty bad I thought well if my horse loves it and it helps I am going to put it on my booboo it worked wonders taking the soreness out. I love these products and will continue to use them like I have been.
Allie Darrow

I found myself in a situation last year at PAFRA World Finals. My horse was injured in an accident resulting in an injury to the bone on her hind leg. She was sutured and I was given DiO to apply with bandaging. I was so pleased with DiO. The swelling stayed at a minimum. She stayed sound and performed to bring home a world title. I highly recommend keeping DiO on your trailer. It is a valuable asset to have, because you never know what situation may arise during a haul. I also apply DiO under leg wraps before hauling my horses now. Our horses are our teammates and they deserve the best care.

- Waylon Stuckey

Draw it out is my favorite liniment! the gel is super easy to apply on my horses legs and i can just spray their shoulders, back and neck to get them limbered up and ready to go. We rodeo a couple times a week and my mare used to get sore, but now she is shaving time off of her personal best and is always on top of her game! I will always keep my trailer stocked with dio. thank you dio!!!

 -Marissa Norlien

There are a few reasons I love using the DiO products. Results are quick, you can feel the product working, and application and usage are so quick and convenient! The gelding I use to tie goats off of has a tendency to stock up pretty bad if he is stalled or in a small pen at rodeos. I apply the draw it out to his legs anytime I see him stocking up and within a couple hours, he is good to go. At our first rodeo back of the season this past weekend he rolled in his pen, snapped one of the plastic supporting posts of the electric tape, and scratched his back pretty good on it. He swelled up instantly and was sore to the touch. I put DiO gel on his entire back and let him sit for a while. Through the day I could see the swelling going down and by that night, he was not sore on his back anymore.

I truly believe in these products! I used DiO on my mares back and hocks as well. She came to me being pretty sore when we got her and putting DiO on her back and massaging her really helped her loosen up. The last thing I have used these products on is myself. I am a firm believer that if something is going to work on my horse, I want it to work on me as well. Horses cannot speak english so without them showing us results, we have no idea if products we use on them are working. I was sold on DiO products with the results my mare and gelding showed me but I wanted to feel how they worked as well. I have used the gel on mainly my shoulders and back. The minute you put it on I can feel it working.These products have tremendously helped my horses and myself. I am a firm believer in DiO and I hope you can become one too!


- Lily Ruhd

#TeamDiO Member Skyler Elliot

I am so excited to be apart of #TeamDiO! I have been using Draw it Out since I heard about it from Macy Atkins. I apply it to my horses legs before racing and i have an older retired horse with lamenitus. This allows my horses legs to with stand the pressure and stress of practices and runs. Also it has allowed the retired horse to still be active. After my workouts it runs I reapply. I have had great results and use the the dog spray on my heelers as well. thank you DIO for allowing me to be part of such a great team.

#TeamDiO Member Samantha Gerlach

Hi my name is Samantha Gerlach and this is one of my team members I Promise To Be Quic (aka Bama). This past summer we found out Bama not only has sore hocks and an arthritic knee but kissing spine so she doesn’t always feel her best. Before runs she gets very tense and anxious which results in soreness. DIO has been so great to help her be comfortable and feeling her best not only before runs but after too. She isn’t my only horse to love DIO! My rope horse JK Extra Special (aka Red) also has sore muscle and tightness issues in her back and neck but with DIO it keeps her moving and performing her best! Works great under boots and saddle pads. The best thing is it is all natural and safe! 

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"I have a horse that is highly sensitive to liniments and even a small diluted amount of one brand blistered his back, rendering him unusable for months once. All liniments on the market seemed to irritate his skin, I had given up. Then I heard about DiO and thought to give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did. I can freely use it on him without causing any irritation because it’s all natural and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I use DiO daily when working or when they’re stalled. It works great to keep them from getting stocked up in their stalls during bad weather. I apply to the legs before and after I ride and use the spray on their bodies when I feel it is needed. My 25 year old is not sound enough to ride, but he moves better after he’s been stalled several days in a row with the addition to DiO on his joints. I know DiO works because of the results I've seen on all three of my horses as well as myself. I knocked a barrel last year and applied DiO to the swelling around the cut and the swelling went down in record time! I typically have a lump for months after a knock and it was gone within weeks this time! I keep a DiO Boogie Bag in my house for my own use as well!"

Jennifer Thorn