DiO Results

Results after a Singe Application

of Draw It Out Gel



A Spray A Day

5 Sprays of our Draw It Out Concentrate mixed at a 50/50 ratio netted Kalie S.  These great results.  One quick spray after their afternoon workout was able to greatly reduce the issue seen here in the images.

The Original

Draw It Out Spray

Champion Fit Equine

Here is a great of example of DiO being used on an open wound.  This was a single application of our GEL formulaDiOGEL was liberally applied then wrapped with a polo wrap and left for 24hrs.  You can see there was a noticeable reduction in swelling as well as some healing of the wound!

Champion Fit Equine

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Brandee's Experience

I had a 3 year old gelding come in from the pasture lame on a back leg, with swelling around his pastern joint. I ran cold water on it 3x per day and applied Draw It Out to the area 3-4x per day. In two days, he was 90% better and on day 3 he was 100% and ready to go back to the pasture. I was very impressed with how fast the swelling and pain went away! Cold water and DiO were all I did. No pain medication or other topical supplements. Here are my before and after pictures.


This is of a customer's Horse's leg who suffers from chronic swelling.  Though the cause of the swelling is unknown and many varying methods were utilized to try and help this horse nothing seemed to work. DiO was able to help reduce the inflammation in a dramatic way.  These results were achieved after 2 24hr applications of DiOGEL.  The swelling does occasionally return but when it does DiO is there to bring the leg back down to normal.


Nationally Recognized Formula



Here is the same leg after 2 24hr DiO GEL applications.  Though there is a broad debate that this is the same leg as the previous photo we guarantee that it is.

DiO is a versatile product that allows for a reduction of heat, swelling and pain. It can be utilized as a wrap like in the images above or as a spray as seen in the thermal images below. Each application helps to quickly and effectively reduce hot muscles, pain from over exertion and swelling. Results will vary depending on use. When using the concentrate, the stronger ratio used the faster DiO will work for you. Most people utilize a 50/50 mixture for soreness treatment and 70/30 (Water/DiO) for preventative applications. Our gel version works fast and stays where you put it. Often, a single application of the gel will net discernable results in a matter of hours. Results will also vary from injury to injury and often a reduction in pain is hard to notice with an untrained eye. DiO is also 100% safe to use on open wounds.

Draws Out Heat

Above is the hip of a horse after competing at the Pinto World Show in Tulsa. The outside temperature was well over 100 degrees. You can see that the area we sprayed down with DiO cooled off Dramatically within just a few minutes. We utilized a 50/50 mixture that was kept in the grooming cart at the stalls.

Great for Drawing Heat Out

We also utilize the soaked wraps method and wrapped the back legs. You can see that as well as firming up the legs and removing any discomfort that may have came about from the event DiO also helped cool the legs. The picture on the right is after 15 minutes of a 50/50 solution application with polo wraps. Greater results could be achieved by utilizing ice boots.

This is another of our great results.  This was achieved after a single 6hr application of our CONCENTRATE.  While the CONCENTRATE is great for leg applications this was before we formulated our GEL formula which was specifically designed for spot and leg applications.  Here the CONCENTRATE was mixed at 50/50, applied and wrapped.  Application occured after the leg was cleaned to ensure there was no contaminates or other issues.

DiO Liniment
Canadian Results from JBM Equi-Farms