Way back in 2014 we launched our 1st product.  Our concentrated spray.  It was quickly adopted but our customers wanted more.

Draw it Out GEL

Listening to our customers we launched our 16oz GEL in the summer of 2015.  It was a massive success and is still our #1 Overall Seller

Product Innovation

To this day we are still doing our best to listen to our customers to ensure that their needs don't go unanswered.

“We Do Our Best Until We Can Do Better.  Then We Do Better.”

Jon Conklin

Who We Are.

Draw it Out was born in the horse world. One night at a horse show a few friends were sitting around on shooting the breeze when the conversation turned to business. Before that night was over Draw it Out was born and the all natural answer to swelling and soreness was on its way to becoming the fastest growing brand in the horse industry. Though that night was where it all began, years of fine tuning went into our final formula that became Draw It Out. What we left out of our formulas is as important as what we put in. No bloated labels, no fillers, no junk. Jon Conklin set out to redefine how we cared for our horses that night. Now Draw it Out is a nationally recognized, award winning and veterinarian recommended line of products.

How it Began.

Draw it Out was born out of a desire to bring into the market an all natural liniment that was as effective as its chemical laden counterparts. For years the only options for liniments were messy, smelly and chemically abrasive. Many of us have tried our horse liniments on ourselves only to breakout in hives, smell up the truck or our workplace or get that odd garlic taste in our mouths. Draw it Out alleviates all of that. Combining an extensive Epsom salts profile with a proprietary blend of natural minerals we created an odorless and colorless formula that relieves swelling and soreness efficiently and effectively as any of its chemical counterparts. Our product is truly a unicorn in the marketplace!

How It's Going?

The ride so far has been a wild and wonderful one.  From our humble beginnings we are now a full line of products featuring dozens of products carried in 3,000+ Stores Worldwide.  This is all thanks to our wonderful customers and #TeamDiO Members.  We couldn't do it with out ya'll!

Our Products are Designed with Your Horse in Mind

Jon Conklin

What is Next?

The future is bright and beaming with new ideas and products. We are committed to always be innovating new and exciting products designed with your horse in mind.  In the future you will see a great expansion of our Draw it Out, ShowBarn Secret and K9 by Draw it Out Line.

Our Products

Be Your Horse's Hero.

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