DiO Safety Information

Introducing DiO, the safe and gentle solution for animal care. Formulated with pH-balanced ingredients, DiO is specially designed to be exceptionally kind to animal skin, particularly that of horses. Although safe for use on all animals, including pregnant and nursing ones, DiO may cause mild redness on human skin. It is also safe if accidentally ingested by an animal or left on for extended periods of time. Our veterinary strength formula combines aggressive pain management with a gentle application, making it perfect for sensitive-skinned horses. DiO helps ease deep and soft tissue discomfort before, during, and after competition, and is also safe to use on dogs, show pigs, cattle, and even llamas. With DiO, you can use it daily without any worries, it is compliant with FEI regulatory lists and it is the preferred choice to use before and after training or competition. Say goodbye to pain and inflammation in ligaments, joints, tendons & muscles, with DiO.