• Gentle on Your Horse's Skin

  • Tough on Swelling & Soreness

  • Safe if accidentally ingested

Be Your Horse's Hero

Wind Puffs?  Stone Bruises?  Sore joints or muscles?  These are just some of the types of ailments that DiO GEL can help.  DiO GEL is designed to be used in places where you need it to stick.  Unlike our concentrate formula DiO GEL stays where you put it making it the optimal formula for legs or other spot applications.  Use it before or after training or events.  Our GEL formula dries clear with no oily, greasy or chalky residue meaning your tack won't slip.  Safe under pads boots and wraps DiO GEL is a great to keep your equine partner in tip top shape.

  • Versatility
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Effective

DiO GEL is versatile.  It can be used on hoofs, legs, stifles and anywhere else your horse needs relief. Its ability to be used before training or events is also a huge bonus for horses that stock up frequently. 

DiO GEL is powerful.  at 125% of our CONCENTRATE formula a little goes a long way.  REsults can be seen in as little as a few hours after application.

DiO GEL goes on gently with no tingling, heating or cooling which means that your horse won't react to you applying DiO.  Wrapping or booting over DiO is safe as well due to our lack of an active ingredient.

DiO GEL results can be seen within hours of application.  The best part is you can't apply too much.  DiO GEL has a cumulative effective so regular applications can keep your horse feeling great!

Both DiO formulas are safe for pregnant or nursing animals and those intended for human consumption.  DiO is also safe is accidentally ingested and safe if it comes in contact with your skin.

How often should you use DiO GEL?

DiO GEL is great before or after training or events.  Long Hauls are no problem with DiO just apply before you load up and reapply as you need throughout the trip.  No burning or blistering means your horses will be comfortable all the way to the event.  The best part is no last minute trips to the wash rack before your run DiO dries clear so there is no need to wash off before you boot and run!  Many of our customers will rub their horses legs down a few hours before the event, again immediately after then once more in the evening.  This regimen allows for DiO's cumulative effect to ensure that their legs are fresh and feeling great!

Be Your Horse's Hero

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