Accelerate wound healing with RESTOREaHORSE by Draw it Out®. Our innovative formula contains natural ingredients, including Manuka Honey, Arnica, and Activated Charcoal, specifically designed to support the recovery of injured skin and promote fast, effective wound healing. The blend works to nourish and hydrate, promoting strong, healthy tissue growth and helping to soothe damaged skin.

Manuka Honey is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a highly effective ingredient in wound healing. Arnica helps to reduce swelling and pain, while Activated Charcoal detoxifies the wound site, promoting optimal healing conditions.

At Draw it Out®, we believe in providing effective and safe solutions for your horse's health and wellness. That's why we created RESTOREaHORSE - to provide the necessary support for your horse's wound healing. Get started today and experience the difference that RESTOREaHORSE can make for your horse.


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