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See the Products Trusted by #TeamDiO Members!

#TeamDiO is a discerning bunch.  Each member uses and trusts unique and quality products to ensure that their rigs & horses are able to get to and compete at each event they attend  Below is a sampling of product tips from a few of our favorite #TeamDiO Members!


We have been using DiO for about 1 month on a variety of injuries. My daughters mare pulled her ligaments and is stuck in a pen for the next year. We have been rubbing DiO on both hind do to swelling from kicking fences. The swelling has gone away and stays away. We have also been using the GEL on my good head horse who pulled the muscles in his back. The vet told us the bump on his back would not go away. My wife has been rubbing it on daily, before and after we ride him. The bump has gone down and his back is not sore to the touch any more. We love DiO because it is safe for our 4 kids to use on their horses and has no sticky or smelly residue from it.  Anytime the kids can take care and doctor their own animals that is a plus.

Kelly Tovar

The one thing  I won’t go without of course is my DiO. I personally like the GELI not only use it on my horses,  I use it on myself. I had a accident not long ago I put DiO on and when I woke the next morning I was expecting to be very very sore but I jumped up and rode that day! Below are other essential products for me.

  • My Bob Marshall sports saddle is an absolute must!
  • Adm feed
  • Good quality hay
  • DAC vitamins (love their DAC oil)
  • Ortho equine boots
  • Best Ever Pads
  • Equipulmin
  • Back on Track shipping boots and blanket
  • And of course my Tanner Mark boots!

These are a few things I feel like I must have!! 

Mary Burger

My trailer is always stocked with Professional Choice leg gear, Back On Track products, a first aid kit with DiO, my supplements from OxyGen, shoeing supplies and “yes” of course duct tape. Can’t tell u how many times duct tape  has saved the day. Usually I carry a backup for most everything like a spare cinch etc. a water tub and a snack of granola bars or crackers and water. Don’t have enough time to list what I take with me on a long trip.!! I take everything imaginable.

Caroline Ashley

My name is Katie Bitz. I absolutely love DiO product! My mare and I qualified for high school rodeo finals in Gillette, Wyoming in barrel racing. I competed Monday morning and Friday night. I would walk her every 2 hours and ice her but being that we came from North Dakota and she was use to free range pastures.  The stall made her sore quite frequently. I had heard about DiO from friends and family but never thought anything of it until I went to nationals!  There, I was walking around the trade show building and saw your product at Teskey's and I remembered all the good feedback I had heard and thought I would just give it a try. DiO kept my mare at tip top shape and she didn’t swell up from the stall. I feel so thankful for DiO because it helped us perform well and we ended up 21 at nationals. I now use this product daily. I always use it before I run and after hard workouts. I can tell  that she is finally feeling at her best!

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