#TeamDiO Spotlight: Alissa Kelly, Barrel Racer

By Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

For experienced barrel racer Alissa Kelly of Marshall, Texas, Draw It Out products are a constant staple in her barn and her trailer. With a string of young up-and-coming barrel horses in her stable and plenty of events on her schedule, there’s nothing more important to Alissa than keeping her herd in tip-top shape. Part of her regimen of care includes using Draw It Out products before and after every race.

“I like to use the liniment gel on my horses before a race,” Alissa said. “On any given day, I might be going to a barrel race with five horses. I’ll get my 64-ounce jug of the gel with a pumper and go around and rub the gel on everyone’s legs. If I know a horse is prone to have sore shoulders or sore hamstrings, I go ahead and hit those areas with the gel, too. Then I’ll wrap up their legs and load them up. I like to tell people who aren’t familiar with Draw It Out that it’s like an Epsom salt bath in a bottle. I love taking Epsom salt baths when I hurt, so I love being able to give my horses that same relief from pain or inflammation with Draw It Out.”

Draw It Out’s Horse Liniment Gel is thicker than most other topical analgesic gel products on the market, which means it stays in place wherever you apply it. Since it’s odorless and colorless, you can also use it under pads, boots, wraps and other therapeutic products without worrying about stains or odors. Finally, because it’s a proprietary mineral blend based around an Epsom salt profile, it’s safe to use on horses and you don’t have to worry about getting it on your skin – so it’s a win-win!

“After the run is over, I’ll use MasterMudd EquiBrace Horse Poultice,” Alissa continued. “My horses seem to really like that product, and it’s easy to rinse off when I’m done. I love, love, love the Mudd!”

MasterMudd EquiBrace is a Manuka honey-based topical rub that can help support healthy joints and increased flexibility. Safe for use on all animals, including horses, MasterMudd contains ingredients like arnica that can help reduce the discomfort caused by muscle inflammation and edema. You can apply

MasterMudd to a horse’s skin before, during or after exercise, and best of all, MasterMudd leaves no sticky residue behind.

As a proud #TeamDiO member, Alissa has been using Draw It Out products for seven years – but they became her go-to product line shortly after her daughter, Kingsley, was born.

“My daughter is a big reason why Draw It Out became such a regular name in my barn,” Alissa said. “I’d be running multiple horses at a race and then once I dismounted, I’d need to carry my daughter around and resume being a mom. The great thing about Draw It Out is that it’s all-natural. It was so nice not

having to worry about having harmful chemicals on my hands so that I could pick her up or touch her any time. Once I realized that, I became a die-hard Draw It Out fan and Kingsley is a big part of why I’ve become such a huge advocate for their products.”

In addition to her busy life as a barrel racer and as a mom to four-year-old Kingsley, Alissa Kelly creates educational videos, blogs and posts for horse owners with The Back Tack, a popular Facebook page that she founded in 2017.

“One of the first videos I made for The Back Tack was about Draw It Out. I was really happy with the results I was getting from the gel and I made a video,” Alissa said. “All I did was tell people how great Draw It Out was and why I liked it, and it got 70,000 views. I wasn’t being sponsored by Draw It Out at

the time. I just wanted to brag on a good company that stood behind its products and had a good belief system behind them of an all-natural, no-burn product. And from that day forward, it’s been important to me to share good products with the public, whether or not the company has sponsored me.”

These days, Alissa works closely with Jon Conklin, president of Draw It Out, and enjoys testing new products for the company.

“It’s been a really good relationship, and I feel super blessed to be able to work with this company and Mr. Jon,” Alissa said. “I’m a big believer in it, and all my horses have enough Draw It Out to make them super happy!”

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