Stay Cool with #TeamDiO Member Bobbie Jo Orysen

In Wisconsin we deal with two different temperature extremes. The extreme cold in winter and about a week or two of extreme heat during our Wisconsin summer. Anyone that knows Wisconsin knows that our summer temperatures can vary greatly but regardless it's warm and we need to take extra steps to keep our equine partners cool and comfortable. Keeping our horses comfortable in these conditions can sometimes be a challenge especially when hauling in the heat. Over the years I've developed some favorite techniques for beating the heat. I keep fans going in the barn at all times during the summer. It helps with the heat and with fly control. Keeping pesky flies at bay not only keeps them happy and comfortable but prevents them from exerting more energy in the heat. They can stay cool and comfortable when they are not running around swatting at flies. I am very happy to have found B-Free of Flies fly spray. It is hands down the best fly and tick spray I have ever used. I also always make sure they have plenty of fresh clean water and their Equipride tubs and salt to maintain and or replace lost minerals and replenish electrolytes.

When hauling my go to products to cool them out and keep them cool is DiO concentrate in a spray bottle, Hidez Compression ice socks, and my Horse Hydrator from our good friends at Chism Trail Ranch in Merrill, WI! These thing have been so important and I consider them a necessity after seeing the benefits. When it's extremely hot I make sure to hose my horse off after a workout or race and use a sweat scraper to remove the excess water. I then spray the entire body with the DiO CONCENTRATEmixed with water in a spray bottle. I apply DiO GELto all four legs and then put on my Hidez Compression Ice socks and fill with ice. I will also use my Hidez recovery suit after I apply DiO. Prior to loading when traveling in heat I will apply Draw It Out gel to the legs and fill the Hidez Compression ice socks with ice to help keep them cool in the trailer. When traveling horses can often be resistant to drinking especially if water smells or tastes different then the water from home. Sometimes bringing enough water from home is not always an option. Even if bringing water from home,often a challenge in extreme heat is keeping the water temperature cool. My solution to the above is my Horse Hydrator. The Chism Family has also been great to work with at their shows allowing me to promote DiO with a banner, promotions and doing the DiO Lucky Drags! These tips have worked extremely well for beating the summer time heat and I hope it will also assist you and your equine partners in staying cool this summer!! Happy trails and I hope you have enjoyed these tips!

"I'm a firm believer that you get back what you put into something, which is why my horse's well being is my #1 priority. Hauling and competing can be extremely taxing on a horse's body so I make sure to use DiO before hauling and after strenuous work. It's easy to use, natural, and ensures that my horse's joints and sore spots are taken care of when it matters most." 

- Tara Freitag

#TeamDiO Member Ashley Whatley Shares Her Story.

One word to describe 2017…blessed! I have rode horses my entire life.Growing up without a lot of funds, put me in one position: ride whatever I could!Whether it was, at the sale barn, friend’s house, or the occasional crazy horse myfamily could come up with; I rode it. It wasn’t until 2010, when my husband and Iboth finally had college degrees and decent paying jobs that I could finally buy abarrel horse. By barrel horse, I mean a $2500.00, run up the fence, appendix bredgelding named Bob. He could turn a barrel and he was mine! I met so manypeople on this amazing journey that I could not have even gone to a race without!One of them actually led me to DiO.Last year, I had an opportunity to ride an amazing horse, Socks. She wonmoney on my permit and took me to the Indian National Finals Rodeo, where weended up Reserve World Champions. DiO was a game changer for this mare. Itook a horse that had been hauled only to playdays, local rodeos, and who hadalways been turned out to pasture after, and hauled her to or through 16different states. Every trip I took, she would stock up and get sore in her back. Wecontinually battled this issue. Finally, before I left for Vegas a good friend told me,“You have to try this product, I’m telling you, she won’t stock up with it!” She wasso determined I try it, she offered to buy me some! So we headed out for Vegaswrapped with DiO. For the first time, Socks didn’t stock up and wasn’t sore in herback. I will NOT travel without it! We now use DiO on all our horses andourselves. I had a bad horse accident in December. DiO helped with my pain andcut my healing time nearly in half. I recommend this product to everyone,whether they are horse people or not! I cannot wait to see what God has in storefor this year. One thing I do know is; I won’t be traveling without this amazingproduct!

~Ashley Whatley~

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