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Must Have Products by #TeamDiO Member Suzanna Hill

I hope everyone's spring is going well! It's been a busy time for us as we have lots of rodeos this time of year since our weather pretty much stays warmer than most places! This month we are featuring the products we travel with, here are a few things that I have on my MUST TAKE list!!!

First, colic medicine, whether it be banamine or the several different colic relief pastes out there. You never know where you will be when it hits and you don't want to be stuck without something to help your horse. Even if it's just a simple belly ache, you want to be able to help them ASAP without their condition possibly worsening.

All in all, a complete medical bag is a good idea (vet wrap, cotton roll, antibiotic cream, syringes/needles, medicines, etc). Another thing I have to travel with is ice. It's not a glamorous product, but it's one that I have to have as I ice my horse's legs after every long haul and after every run. The quicker you can cool, calm, and ease their joints, the less long term effect travel and performance will have on them and any little bit of time that you can add to their longevity is worth any extra bit of work that I need to put in for them! Icing is also where I like to add some more DiO - I squirt some concentrate down into the ice boot once I have it on and then as soon as I remove the boots, I rub their legs down with the gel while I already have a jump on their legs being tight and cool. Obviously DiO is on my must have list too! I always always have the gel and concentrate with me as I use both in SO many ways. Now I could go on and on and write a book about everything in my trailer just like any barrel racer could, but I thought those few simple and inexpensive tips would help someone out. I know we all try to have the latest and greatest products and therapy systems out there, but sometimes I think the simple things can get overlooked and they sure don't need to!

Now go read everyone's blog on this and get your rigs packed and ready to hit the road...good luck and we'll talk to everyone again next month!! !

Suzanna Hill - Accomplishments:

RFD-TV The American Qualifier- 2017 WPRA/PRCA Southeastern Circuit Champion Barrel Racer- Multiple Pro Rodeo Winner- 2016 PCFR Qualifier *Fast Time*- 2015 PCFR Qualifier *Average Champion*

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