Unleash the Power of ShowBarn Secret® - The Ultimate Horse Grooming Routine

Are you tired of using multiple products to get your horse looking its best? Look no further, because ShowBarn Secret® has the ultimate solution for you. With the ShowBarn Secret® Detangler and Shine, Sheen & Conditioner, and Braiding Spray, you can achieve a show-stopping look in no time.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use these three products together:

Step 1: ShowBarn Secret® Detangler and Shine

Start by applying a small amount of the Detangler and Shine to your horse's mane and tail. Use a brush or comb to work the product through tangles and knots, and watch as it instantly adds shine and luster to your horse's coat.

Step 2: ShowBarn Secret® Sheen & Conditioner

Next, spray the Skin and Hair Enhancer evenly over your horse's coat. This product is formulated with natural ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and Hydrolyzed Keratin to enhance the skin and hair, leaving your horse's coat looking and feeling healthy.

Step 3: ShowBarn Secret® Braiding Spray

Finally, use the Braiding Spray to help keep braids in place. Simply spray the braids and allow the product to dry for a secure hold.

With these three powerful products, you can achieve a show-stopping look for your horse in no time. The ShowBarn Secret® brand offers everything you need for a complete horse grooming routine, and the natural ingredients in each product ensure that your horse will look and feel its best.

Get ready to turn heads at the next show with the ShowBarn Secret® Detangler and Shine, Sheen & Conditioner, and Braiding Spray.

Why ShowBarn Secret?

Get the Ultimate Show-Ready Shine
  • Provides a sleek and shiny finish to your horse's hair
  • Contains natural oils and proteins to strengthen and condition the hair
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair for versatile use
  • Long-lasting formula with no greasy residue
Elevate Your Horse's Grooming Game
  • Enhances the appearance of your horse's hair for a show-ready look
  • Formulated to strengthen and moisturize the hair
  • Can be used on mane, tail and body for all-over shine
  • Long-lasting, residue-free formula
Transform Your Horse's Hair
  • Contains conditioning ingredients for a healthier looking hair
  • Gives a shiny finish that lasts for the entire show
  • Easy to use formula that can be applied on wet or dry hair
  • Safe and effective for all hair types
Achieve a Winning Look
  • Gives your horse's hair a shiny and show-ready appearance
  • Conditions and strengthens the hair for a healthy look
  • Wet or dry application for convenient use
  • Long-lasting formula with no greasy residue.

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