Meet #TeamDiO Shelbi Thall

Meet #TeamDiO Shelbi Thall

Barrel racing first entered my life when I began to ride my horses through the rows of my family’s vineyard in Lodi, California. This soon saw me compete in my first rodeo at the age of seven, which then led me to the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association at the age of eighteen. Since this defining moment, I have earned money in both the PRCA and CCPRA, achieved multiple wins in the 1D, and have made it back to the short-go of the WPRA World Finals.

Throughout the journey of my rodeo career I have also pursued a degree in veterinary technology. This degree has led me to my current career of being a veterinary technician for Dr. Sarah Steidl in Clements, California while continuing to compete on the road upon my horse Cooper Wootan. I owe my success to the great horses, like Cooper, who I have been privileged to ride and the love and support of my amazing family and sponsors. The future looks bright as I now look towards my up and coming Dash Ta Fame prospect, Bolt. With all the miles and runs that I put on my horses there are multiple things I must do to make them feeling their best after the 70 plus thousand miles they must stand in the trailer. One of my biggest things that I do to my horses before loading them in the trailer for the next 12 hour ride to a rodeo is using my DiO. My horses will not load in the trailer without the DiGEL and standing wraps. I truly believe this product has helped my horses with these long hauls.

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