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All the Info You Need on Our New Shampoo

It has taken us quite a while to formulate our new shampoo. As with all of our other products what we left out is as important as what we put into it.  Below is some frequently asked questions we have been asked.

One of the big questions is why no liniment in our shampoo?

Our shampoo is designed to be a complimentary product to our liniment. We didn't see the need to sell you the same ingredients in different bottles over and over and over again. Our shampoo is focused on calming the skin muscles and overall horse.  Each ingredient selected was added to not only provide a great experience for your horse but also magnify what our liniment does.  After using the shampoo our original liniment can be applied for a synergystic effect.

Why no foam?

One of the big issues of foam is that it is derived form an awful ingredient.  Most foaming shampoos use SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  This ingredient allows the product to foam but can leave the hair dried out, itchy and flaky.  It also removes the natural oils your horse's coat needs.  We didn't want that so our shampoo is SLS Free.  We even took this a step further and made sure our shampoo was salt free to ensure that there was no adverse effect on the hair coat of your horse.  Many companies will claim to be SLS free but use another derivative of the ingredient which brings along lots of salt and can be just as detrimental.  Shampoos that claim to foam are just using an old trick that our brains fall for.  The foam makes us think cleaning is happening when in reality it is only a marketing ploy to encourage you to use too much product.

Where is the Color?

We didn't add any dyes or colors to the product to ensure that it was as safe as possible for the animal and you!

What's in DiO Shampoo?

Filtered & Purified Water

Coconut-Derived Surfactant Blend

Lavender Oil

Aloe Vera Extract

Geranium Oil

Chamomile Extract

Plant Derived Preservative

Our new Soothing Shampoo with Lavender is Biodegradable so its great for the environment. Its also sulfate and salt free so its great for your horse. We us a Coconut-based surfactant in the formula that is commonly used in baby cleansing products so it is exceptionally mild on your horse while being an efficient cleanser. This addition to the Draw It Out family is designed to be used after training or exercise in conjunction with both our gel and spray liniments.  

Our new botanical cleanser blend contains Lavender Oil and Egyptian Geranium Oil infused with Chamomile Extract. Each of these components decrease anxiety and have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Our shampoo is one that helps decrease anxiety has strong anti-inflammatory benefits, is exceptionally mild and extremely efficient. It is designed to augment your post training and event regime; clean and relax your horse and then apply your favorite DiO Liniment

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