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Caring for horses is tough.

We’ve all had issues with swollen legs, sore backs and countless other injuries. Throughout the years we’ve tried countless products in an attempt to fight these issues. Some worked, some didn’t. Some were safe, some weren’t. In a crowded marketplace there just wasn’t a product that was able to address these issues in a safe and consistent manner. After decades of being unhappy with the products offered in the marketplace a group of horse owners decided to modernize and safeguard how we care for our horses.

This journey started one balmy summer evening at a horse show. After a lengthy discussion on the lacking options that were currently available to horse owners, the dream to create a product to help horses became a reality. DiO was realized after countless renditions of the formula were tested, each saw ingredients come and go. What remained was a safe and effective product that allowed both horse and owner the ability to combat swelling and soreness without worrying about creating other issues and requiring constant supervision. The formula that was created applies gently but penetrates deep to help alleviate deep muscle and joint soreness.

  • 128oz Spray
  • 64oz GEL
  • 32oz Spray
  • 16oz GEL

Available in two forms, spray and gel, DiO is an effective full body equine pain management system. DiO now provides equine enthusiasts the ability to care for their horses the best way possible no matter their age or ability.

DiO was born out of a desire to help people care for their horses in a safe and effective manner. We designed DiO to help alleviate swelling and soreness without carriers or chemicals to rid horse owners of the worries of burning or blistering their horses. DiO is also gentle enough that it is safe if it comes in contact with open wounds, sensitive areas or your skin. Our formulas are Ph balanced to the same levels as your horses body to ensure there is minimal risk of irritation. Both our Spray and GEL formulas are in compliance with FEI & USEF regulatory lists ensuring top performers have piece of mind when competing.

DiO’s formulas are comprised of a proprietary mineral blend and comprehensive epsom salts profile which, when combined, create a fast acting and deep penetrating blend that both alleviates soreness and reduces swelling unlike anything else on the market. What we left out of DiO is as important as what we put in. When formulating DiO we wanted to ensure that horses have a positive experience with our products. To accomplish this we did not add any sort of smell or color. We also omitted any ingredients that would tingle, heat or cool.

By doing this the horses are not put off by strong odors and their skin and hair do not run the risk of being stained. By leaving out the active ingredient, DiO goes on gently providing the horse with a reduction in pain and swelling without any discomfort. This also allows DiO to be utilized under pads, boots and wraps without excessive heat build up. DiO can also be utilized with your favorite therapeutic products that use ceramic or ice elements without being counter intuitive. DiO formulas can be used daily without the need to rinse off for a low maintenance way to keep your horses feeling their best.

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