DiO on Pigs

Did you know that DiO isn't just for horses?  Our products can be safely used on a wide array of animals.  We have folks using DiO CONCENTRATE on show pigs to make sure they stay fresh and limber at many of the stock shows.  Since the spray dries clear with no residue it can be used before the show.  Since our products are naturally based there is no major irritation and no known issues with drug testing!

16oz Draw It Out® Sprayer

DiO on Cattle

We also have a number of folks using DiO GEL on bucking bulls.  They regularly apply the GEL to their backs.  This is a great way to ensure your stock give it their best when headed into the arena.  Show cattle also can greatly benefit from regular DiO usage.  The extended standing on concrete at long stock shows, after rough bumpy trailer rides, can take their toll.  DiO applied before you leave and when you arrive plus throughout the show can dramatically reduce stiffness allowing your animals to compete at their best.

Check out this great post from #TeamDiO Member Kylan Shaw!

DiO can help every animal on you place feel great!  Not only is it safe for your furry friends but kids can apply without safety concerns.  While it is always the best practice to wash your hands after applying any product or working with animals, DiO isn't harmful to you if you can't wash your hands straight away.  Lots of farm kids love to help take care of their animals and DiO allows them to do so in a manner that is safe for both them and the animal.

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