Proper Horse Care by Alissa Kelly

Proper Horse Care by Alissa Kelly

Many times riders will disregard how important pre and post care is not only after a competition run, but in a horses weekday rides as well. The 20 minutes you spend tending to your horse before sitting in the saddle as well as the 20 minutes after your ride are a staple in your horses care regimen.  From the moment you catch your horse it's important for you to pay attention to how they look, if they are tracking evenly and their overall disposition. Once you begin the grooming process this is your chance to check your horse from head to hoof for any abrasions, cuts or swelling. If there is swelling on one of a horses legs it's  important to know this prior to riding to help you prevent further injuring your horse. Running your hands down your horses legs everyday checking for heat or swelling is a great habit. Always be sure to pick feet and examine your horses shoes for any signs of lifting nails or a bent shoe. Before I saddle my horse I take into consideration where my horse has been sore in the past or any tight/sore areas I found while grooming and will apply  DiThe most common areas of soreness I have found is shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings and ankles. All horses get sore, from the ones just starting the pattern to a finished horse.

Steps to Identify Soreness

Step 1

Pay attention to previous rides and remember problem areas.

Step 2

When grooming your horse keep an eye out for tell tale signs of soreness

Step 3

Apply DiO liberally to problem areas before, during and after training or exercise.

Once a horse is done being ridden and is cooled out properly depending on the weather it's important to bathe them or completely brush them out if it's too cold to bathe. Keep in mind during the summer you need to scrape off excess water to help your horse cool out faster. Personally I think spraying legs off with water after every ride is important unless it's extremely cold. Pick your horses feet out once again especially if you live in an area where the ground tends to pack. I will apply DiO to all 4 legs after the ride on every horse as well as apply extra to that individual horses problem areas prior to putting them up.  DiO is Perfect year round since you do not have to worry about rinsing it off.  Lastly before putting your horse away I want to remind you to enjoy your horse and take advantage of the time you spend with each one. When you have multiple horses to ride each day skipping the small steps or rushing can be tempting. I truly believe putting in your best effort and applying the extra  DiO is all part of being successful! 

Ride Tough,

Alissa Burson Kelly

Alissa is true professional.  Her achievements include :

2010 San Juan JR/SR pole bending Champion,  2010 Miss NM HS Rodeo Queen, 2011 NMHSRA State finals barrels average 3rd, 4 corners HS rodeo president, 2011 NLBRA 2nd go winner in barrels, 2011 NLBRA 6th in World in barrels, 2011 Won and placed at  NIRA college rodeos, 2012 Wranglers Ultimate Cowgirl 2012 Tulsa State fair PRCA rodeo champion, Josey Ranch instructor 2017 & Twisting for Barrels 1D champion 





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