A Note on our Current Production issues

What is Going On?

Recently we have been blessed to bring several great new products to market.  We are beyond excited to share these items with you.  Unfortunately the last 12+ Months have provided us with unforeseen challenges that have dramatically slowed our ability to produce.  As things open back up and we ramp up to full capacity Covid is still causing major supply chain issues.  Many of our bottles have unbelievably long wait time still.  In years gone by there was normally a surplus but with covid the supply is thinned and we have to wait for up to 6wks at a time to get packaging.  We've done our best to work through this as we can but some things are beyond our control.  For 2021 we also made a major move.  We changed our production facility from Albuquerque New Mexico to Dallas Texas.  As luck would have it our first batch of SilverHoof a batch of Rapid Relief Cream and our MasterMudd were in the final stages of completion in our new facility when the once in a generation storm hit.  After a few days without power and water we had to pause the batches.  Once we were back online I made the call to discard the batches and start fresh.  We will never allow a substandard product to leave our facility.  We were not going to take any chances with your horse's health.  These factors have unfortunately impacted our ability to bring some of our products full circle.  The good news is we are finally finishing up our batches and the new products should be hitting the shelves very soon.

I am humbled and grateful for all of the support and patience everyone has show over the last few months.  We are beyond blessed to have customers like you.


Jon D. Conklin


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