Five Horse Care #HorseLife Products You May Not Know About…

Five Horse Care #HorseLife Products You May Not Know About…

At DiO, because we care about horses, we’d  like to share some products that support your horse’s health and well-being and make your horse life easier!

We’re featuring 5 “under the radar” horse care #horselife products you may not know about…

This post’s round up includes:

* A mane and tail conditioner/detangler with an award winning mist spray bottle which can be used upside down #Boom!

* A premium skin cream to help heal scratches, skin irritation/inflammation

* A unique immunoprobiotic which naturally combats Salmonella, E. Coli, & Rota Virus

* A super durable, budget friendly Home Depot tool bag that doubles as a grooming tote featuring pockets large enough to hold grooming spray bottles and a clip to hold your hoof pick

* New DiO Cooling Ice Wrap to use with DiO horse liniment  Concentrate and Gel!


Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner ~ Detangler

If you own horses challenged with unruly tangle ridden manes and tails, chances are you’ve ridden the grooming struggle bus!

Carr & Day & Martin ‘s Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner ~ Detangler offers a great solution to keep manes and tails soft, sleek, and tangle free which will:

  • Help save precious mane and tail hair from breaking
  • Help save you and/or your groom valuable time

Carr & Day & Martin is a trusted UK brand that has produced quality horse grooming and leather care products since 1765. 


• Reduces breakage

• Oil-free shine with no residue

• Citronella repels flies

• Can be applied to wet or dry hair

• Keeps manes and tails tangle-free for up to 2 weeks

• Whisper quiet Equimist 360 spray bottle that works even when tipped upside down!

Check out Carr & Day & Martin’s award winning spray bottle here.

Side note: Our DiO Flairisol spray bottle offers the same benefits! Check it out here

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner~ Detangler is available in 1 Liter, 5 Liter, and 600ml.

Want to try it for your horse? Click here to purchase from our friends at FarmVet

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation

Tis almost the Spring season in many parts of the United States and with it comes flowers, green grass, sunshine and a myriad of horse skin “blizzards” such as scratches, bug bites, summer sores, and funky fungus!

Fear not!  There is a savior among us in Elemental Equine’s Skin Salvation!

Skin Salvation was designed to combat scratches and is extremely effective on troublesome skin conditions including summer sores, dermatitis, summer crud, burns and most fungal issues. This soothing cream is easy to apply, provides long lasting coverage/protection of the affected area without irritating sensitive or raw skin.

• Soothing cream
• Great on skin conditions
• Created to fight scratches
• Show safe
• Works fast
• Extremely effective

Another benefit of using Skin Salvation in hotter climates is that the cream “sticks” to the skin and does not “melt” on the skin in warm temperatures.

Also, a little bit of the cream goes a long way so there’s no need to slather on a huge amount.

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation is available from our friends at FarmVet.

Equiotic Probiotic


If you’re competing with your horse, looking after broodmares and foals, or taking care of a horse recovering from illness, you may have used probiotics to support your horse’s gut health.

EquiOtic™ is an innovative live, equine sourced immunoprobiotic that combines the benefits of Lactobacillus reuteri with Saccharomyces boulardii to offer horse owners a powerhouse first line defense for the gastrointestinal tract. 

What’s an immunoprobiotic?

An immunoprobiotic combines the actions of a probiotic with an immunobiotic.  A probiotic is a bacteria that interacts directly with other bacteria. An immunobiotic is a bacteria that interacts with the host immune system.

EquiOtic™ is perfect for health maintenance or to reestablish depleted micro flora population.

Learn more about EquiOtic benefits here. 

EquiOtic is available in 60cc paste syringes, a foil packed daily feed powder, and a special  Boost formula for foals.  

EquiOtic was created by Bluegrass Animal Products and offers numerous research studies supporting the product’s efficacy.


Home Depot Husky brand 14 inch Supply Bag ~ used as Horse Grooming Tote

We love finding mainstream products to use in our #horselife, and we’re excited to share Home Depot’s Husky brand 14 inch Supply Bag that doubles as a horse grooming tote!

At the wallet friendly price of $19.97, it also makes a great gift for fellow horse friends, an appreciated trainer, or horse show mom or dad!


  • Constructed of SpunTuff heavy-duty water-resistant 600 denier material
  • 8 External pockets easily fit grooming and fly product spray bottles such as Dio’s Flarisol horse liniment spray bottle.
  • 7 Interior pockets fit brushes, combs, scissors, towels, etc.
  • A piece of webbing with an attached snap which is a perfect place to attach a hoof pick or pair of scissors so they don't get “lost” at the bottom of the bag…Ain’t nobody got time for that!...Lol!
  • $19.97 price ~ Great value for the tote’s versatility, size, and quality
  • Bag can be washed in front loader washing machine and air dried


NEW DiO Cooling Ice Wrap to use with DiO GEL or CONCENTRATE

Many of you asked for an ice wrap to use with DiO GEL and CONCENTRATE treatments, and we listened!

The DiO Cooling Ice Wrap is now available for purchase!

The DiO Ice Wrap is the easy and fast way to apply cold therapy. It stays soft when frozen allowing it to conform to the horse's leg. The 4 quick-grip straps let you determine the amount of compression applied to the leg. The wrap is great for treating arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments. Fits lower leg or over hock.

16" Wrap with a heavy denier nylon shell

For best results keep in freezer between uses.

Great when combined with

DiConcentrate DiGEL Formulas.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s #HorseLife product roundup!

Please feel free to share this post with fellow horse friends who may not know about these fab products.

As always, we appreciate your DiO business and thank you for using DiO products to support your horse’s health and well-being!

XOXO from #TeamDiO


  • Ellie VanLeeuwen

    Thanks Dio for making the best stuff out there! Thanks for sharing these other underrated products too!

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  • Megan Moses

    I absolutely LOVE DIO❤️ My horse always feels his best before every run and with every use of DIO! I highly recommend Draw It Out for your horse. It also helped my horse with his abscesses

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