Product Must Have's by #TeamDiO Member Ericka Nelson

Product Must Have's by #TeamDiO Member Ericka Nelson

Products I always travel with. This seems like a short list but looking in my trailer says otherwise. Being on the road comes with many challenges so I'll try and give the short list of my must haves. One of the most important things for me is making sure the horses can rest. So, I have my fencing that I put up to let them put their head down, roll, relax, walk around and really just have time without a halter on, that is really really important to me. I also try and always have bags of shavings with me to put shavings down in the pen for Friday because he will lay down more if he has shavings and sometimes he won't if there aren't any. Spoiled? Maybe? But he works so hard for me so I try and return the favor as best I can. I have become pretty dependent on DiO, it's almost a daily routine, they get sprayed or gelled probably more than they would like but I try and keep soreness gone!

I also have a Magna Wave that I feel like I can't live without as well. I use it on the horses and myself too! I have to have black tape for my wraps and if those little black rubber things come off of a bucket,  I can fix it up with the tape too. Really u can fix lots of things with that and gorilla tape.

One last thing, tire changing supplies! Nobody likes that but it's a eventually going to happen, if not to you, somebody else will need them. I've shortened my list a lot but these are truly some important things to me. Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of Spring and Happy Easter!

Meet Ericka Nelson

I am a Mom to Rainey, who just turned 7 and wife of 10 years to JB. For the past several years, I've been riding young horses and going to some futurities. I started riding some young horses for Darren Scholl and he's the owner of the horses I'm rodeoing on now. My main mount is GoodFrenchman Friday aka Friday and helping him out more and more is GBA Casonova Fling aka Cassie. I went pretty hard last year and ended up in the top 30 in the world. I'm thankful that that allowed me to get into the bigger winter rodeos this year and Calgary. I feel extremely blessed to live the life I live.

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