Training Tips from Suzanna Hill!

Training Tips from #TeamDiO Member Suzanna Hill

Hey guys!! This month's blog is about training tips - here is mine and I hope y'all can get something out of it too.

I have come to find out that your mood greatly affects how your day is going to go with your horses and when you are riding colts or training any age of horse, they need extra help in learning new things and they are really relying on your feel and your presence and attitude to understand if they have done something right! If you are having a bad day or something ruined your mood, 9 times out of 10, you are probably going to be hard to please and nitpick at them and give them less of a reward when they deserve it and that is going to confuse them and get them a little stressed out and up tight because most animals just want to please and do what you ask of them and that can be hard for them to do when your are just not in the correct mindset.

So, I challenge you to take time before you start your daily activities and make sure you are relaxed and you leave any and all possible issues at the barn door and don't let it carry over to how your horses are going to be handled that day, I'm telling you that a happy and pleasant rider makes for a much happier and more pleasing horse!!!

Suzanna Hill - Accomplishments:

RFD-TV The American Qualifier- 2017 WPRA/PRCA Southeastern Circuit Champion Barrel Racer- Multiple Pro Rodeo Winner- 2016 PCFR Qualifier *Fast Time*- 2015 PCFR Qualifier *Average Champion*

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