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Paul Taylor Saddlery

Paul Taylor Saddlery

Paul Taylor Saddle Company in Pilot Point, Texas, wasn't always a retail tack store. Their namesake, Paul Taylor, was a livestock auctioneer from Irving, Texas. He began Paul Taylor Saddle Company in 1957 by selling merchandise out of a cargo trailer en route to auctions. In the early 1980s, he purchased the dream property in Pilot Point and opened Paul Taylor Saddle Company at its current location in 1985.

Business Growth The store has expanded multiple times due to the growth of the North Texas Horse Country, also known as Horse Country, USA. Paul Taylor Saddle Company has grown from a small warehouse to one of the largest family-owned retail tack stores with over 700 wholesale accounts worldwide.

From Saddles to Supplies and More Paul Taylor Saddle Company has become a nationally renowned retail tack store and is recognized by horse enthusiasts around the world. Offering as many as 1,200 saddles, along with a wide variety of horse supplies, our business caters not only to professional horsemen but also to first time horse owners looking for one-stop shopping. We have something for everyone in our massive inventory. 


Whether you're looking for SRS Saddles, Brazos Saddles, used saddles, or general horse supplies, you're sure to find them at Paul Taylor Saddle Company. There are also many products that we sell solely in-store because they cannot be shipped.

Paul Taylor Saddle Company grew from a trailer-sized business to a nationally renowned retail tack store in Pilot Point, Texas, selling handmade saddles, horse supplies, and more. Professional horsemen and women, saddle collectors, and others come to us, relying on our 60 years of experience. We aren't just passionate about horses, but also about making handmade and hand-tooled saddles affordable and accessible worldwide. Buyers choose us for our extensive collection of SRS Saddles and Brazos Saddles that are used by professionals around the world.With humble beginnings in the heart of Horse Country, USA, our small warehouse has grown into over 700 wholesale accounts worldwide, earning us the title of the largest family-owned retail tack store. Come in to our store or shop online today.

Phone(855) 512-5692

Hours of OperationRetail Store:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.Sunday: Closed

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