OE Nutraceuticals Introduces Black Label Horse Liniment Gel with DiO® Proprietary Mineral Blend

Veterinary researched and approved chemical-free formula can be used safely under horses' saddle pads, sports boots and wraps without risk of slippage or burning

OE Nutraceuticals introduces Black Label Horse Liniment Gel with DiO® proprietary mineral blend to relieve pain associated with swelling of joints and muscles due to overexertion, arthritis, minor injuries, and to treat abscesses and hoof bruising.

“OE created the Black Label Liniment Gel because, just like with OE’s comprehensive drug-free horse supplement line, we wanted to provide a research-based effective chemical-free product to support and enhance horses’ performance and overall health and well-being,” notes Josh Harvey, DVM, owner and founder of Outlaw Equine Vet Clinic and Rehabilitiation Center, Decatur, TX. “The Liniment Gel delivered excellent results in preventing and relieving pain, stiffness, and swelling and in treating abscesses and hoof bruising during extensive testing and trials on numerous horses at Outlaw Equine Vet Clinic and Rehab Center.”

The Black Label Gel is a custom formula exclusively created for OE based on extensive research and testing by Outlaw Equine Veterinary Clinic and Therapy Center equine veterinarians specializing in treating Western and English performance horses. The Gel testing included some of the most elite equine athletes competing in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA).

The Gel is manufactured based on DiO’s human-grade pharmaceutical laboratory production standards which ensures the product is of the highest quality. The creation begins with 100% natural premium USA sourced ingredients. The ingredients are mixed and batch tested for purity analysis, contamination detection, trace analysis, and composition analysis. Batch testing is also done by a third party.

The OE Gel utilizes DiO’s proprietary blend of over 170+ natural locally sourced minerals to help prevent and alleviate soreness without the use of carriers or chemicals. The Gel is non-greasy and does not discolor or stain. It can be used safely under saddle pads, sport boots, and wraps without the worry of slippage or burning. The non-flammable Gel can be applied without gloves and dries with no residue.

The product is a translucent ocean blue in color and is spearmint infused which provides a cooling effect with a refreshing scent.

“We’re honored that OE Nutraceuticals is using DiO’s proprietary mineral blend in their Black Label Liniment Gel,” says Jon Conklin, DiO Liniment, CEO. “Championships are often won or lost by fractions of a second, and it provides competitors great peace of mind that OE Gel can prevent and relieve their horses’ pain so they can deliver their best performance.”

The OE Gel is available in a 12 oz bottle and can be purchased at all OE retailers, online at www.oenutraceuticals.com

or by calling


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