Meet #TeamDiO Member Morgan Leighton

Why I Trust DiO by #TeamDiO Member Morgan Leighton

I love fitness and staying active! I have a passion for training animals, and keeping them in top physical shape. I have always loved conditioning my horses, but the past few years I have had a new outlook on life. After battling Lyme disease most of my life, I couldn't always do what I wanted because my body held me back. Now, after finally finding the right doctor, I got the treatment I needed and feel stronger and healthier. Which, also means I can train harder! Myself, my horses, and my dogs all stay very active daily. I make sure my dogs get the exercise they need to stay happy and well mannered, and I make sure my horses get the training they need to be at the top of their game as an athletic barrel horse. For myself, I have become a Fitness Coach so I can help other people feel their best too. I enjoy workouts, because I want to be the best athlete and jockey for my horses, plus I make sure to fuel my body with the right foods to give me the energy I need.

With all the exercising and long hours training, we all get sore! Its normal, for muscles to grow they get sore first. But, thanks to DiO we don't have to be uncomfortable to get fit! I use DiO GEL for myself, massaging it into my shoulders and legs daily. I notice when I don't use it, I feel considerably more sore than when I do. I love the DiO Concentrate for my horses, because I can keep it in a spray bottle and spray their entire body with it before and after workouts. Plus, it doesn't matter what time of day, or year it is, because I can use it anytime without risk of causing problems! Being able to use it under magnetic therapy is also a huge bonus, and benefits my horses a lot. I use DiO GEL on their legs after competition because I enjoy that time spent caring for my horse, plus it allows me to really exam their legs for any injury that may have occurred during competition. I also use DiO GEL on my dogs legs if they injure themselves and there is swelling. I will rub it on and wrap it just as I do my horses. I am a Vet Tech, and see dogs all the time that have been rough housing and wrenched something and just need a few days of rest to quiet the inflammation. Having an active dog makes it hard to keep them quiet, so DiO helps speed up the process!

Epsom Salt baths are great for easing muscle soreness, but sometimes life doesn't give us time for that!

DiO GEL is such a gift for our busy lifestyles. We can still do self care without taking a lot of time away from other requirements in life.

I have used this on my family many times when there have been sprained and broken ankles, or leg bumps and bruises! I always use DiO GEL if I hit a barrel with my leg because it makes it less uncomfortable. The combination of DiO, wrapping the injury, and icing it has proven to be helpful for us on many occasions!

I was born and raised in a small town in Maine. I have been trained as a barrel racer since I was born, and have always known my passion lied in the animal industry. I am a Licensed Vet Tech, and have worked at the same clinic for 14 years. I have always enjoyed helping animals and training them. Most recently I have found a passion in helping people feel better about themselves and living life to the fullest.

After completing my 2017 Rookie Year with the WPRA First Frontier Circuit, I learned a lot. I learned that to accomplish any goals in life you have to be mentally strong and often dig deep to keep going forward. Finding ways to cope with life stress is a necessity, and I have worked as much on having a strong mindset, as I have on being physically strong. In a world of tough competitors, you have to find a way to survive, and being resilient is one of the major keys. Never give up, learn from failure or loss, and grow with every experience you encounter.


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