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#TeamDiO Member Jessica Beck on DiO

Thank you DiO for being a lifesaver in 2017!!!  Towards the end of the season 2 1/2 months before rodeo finals my main horse Cinco bone bruised his tibia and the swelling was terrible. It started up by his groin and ran all the way down to his ankle. The first day we thought he had broken it, we took him to the vet and there was so much swelling he also thought he may have a fracture that we couldn't see on the x-ray, he was not putting any weight on it and he could barely get around. I started applying DiO immediately and within 24 hours the swelling had gone down considerably and he was standing on the leg and within 5 days the swelling was completely gone. I also had to keep him stalled for a week and normally his legs tend to stock up so I kept DiO on him under his standing wraps on all four legs and we kept him comfortable and from stocking up.  We were amazed by how quickly he recovered and within 2 weeks I was on him walking again and within 2 months he was legged back up and running again. Cinco went on to win the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association All Around Cowgirl Championship his 2nd weekend back competing. When the vet cleared him to run in that short amount of time I was shocked but I believe a lot of that had to do with using D iO and keeping the inflammation under control so we didn't have any major secondary issues. A little swelling is natural and the bodies defense but the major swelling or the opposite leg swelling because they are not distributing weight evenly anymore is what we were really worried about while he was stalled.

My husband was at a rodeo Steer Wrestling and he took a horn to the throat, I have honestly never seen something swell up that fast but it was huge. After the EMT looked at him and said if it gets anymore swollen go straight to the hospital, we rushed him back to the trailer we covered it in the DiO GEL and by the morning it was half the size. He said it wasn't as sore with the GEL on so for the next week he was using it a few times a day. We didn't have to leave the rodeo and go the hospital so that was great since we had two more rounds.

Normally my protocol is to use DiO before I load in the trailer and go and then I will reapply after I run. Anything I can do to make them more comfortable and happy and healthy down the road is worth it. These guys are athletes and they are going to get sore from time to time. I feel like my job is to do my best to prevent that. DiO truly is one of the best products and I'm not worried about any adverse reactions, my favorite part about it is that it is safe to use under other therapy products.  We have used DiO for some time now and the first time we tried it was during a haul from Alaska to Texas, which takes anywhere from 5 to 7 days normally. I really was impressed with the product on that haul. I figured anything that could keep my horses feeling good on a haul like that I would always keep on hand.


#TeamDiO Member Jessica Beck:

  • US Navy Veteran
  • 2014 AQHA world show qualifier JR and SR Barrels
  • ASQHA Champion barrel racer 2014
  • Reserve Champion Alaska State Fair and Rodeo, Champion Kodiak State Fair and rodeo Barrels and all around Champion 2014
  • 2016 ABRA Stake Race World Champion
  • 4X PAFRA World Champion Barrel Racer
  • 2X pafra Reserve Champion All Around Cowgirl
  • 2X pafra Champion All Around Cowgirl
  • 2x pafra Reserve Champion Barrels
  • 2X pafra Average Champion Breakaway Roping
  • 2017 MRCA Rodeo Finals Qualifier
  • 2017 barrel racing Champion Missouri State Fair and Rodeo
  • 2017 1D Average Champion Bill Wagner Memorial Barrel Race
  • 2017 1D Average Champion and Fast time Barrels Hwy 38 timed event series
  • 2017 MFRA Champion Open Barrel Racer
  • 2017 Missouri UBRA Champion 1D Barrels and Derby and 3rd in the UBRA Derby Standings National
  • Currently sitting in the top 11 in 1D in BBR Missouri standings

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