Meet #TeamDiO Member Ericka Nelson

Meet #TeamDiO Member Ericka Nelson

Our horses try so very hard for us, I feel like it is so very important to do all we can to keep them feeling their best. One of the biggest things I think happens is that a horse will get a little sore and if not attended to immediately, it can lead to lots of other problems. This is the main reason I'm a fan of DiO, I know it gets rid of the soreness. Here's how I know...Last summer while loading a horse in the trailer, I was kicked and kicked hard in my leg. I was actually considering going to the hospital (which I never do) so I decided to take some Advil and spray the DiO Concentrate on my leg. I was really worried about waking up the next morning and how stiff it would be. To my surprise, it wasn't stiff or swollen the next morning. I was so thankful! I KNOW how bad it hurt and how sore it became immediately, and how DiO helped me so much. So after every run, I use it on my horses' legs, SI area and back. It's a very important part of my routine. I'll also tell how I came to try DiO. My hauling partner had some in the trailer last summer and my horse was bitten by something. It was in a bad spot, right on his back where the saddle pad and saddle would sit. We left the slack one morning going another rodeo about 4 hours away, so before I loaded him on the trailer, it was very sensitive to the touch, very sore and about the size of a quarter.  So I sprayed some DiO Concentrate on the bump. When I unloaded him, it was visibly smaller so I ran my fingers over it and it wasn't sore at all anymore. I was hooked, I saw it reduce the swelling and take away the soreness, quickly! So that's when I made my first order. Move on to this Fall, one of the 3yr olds was attacked by some type of bug or ant, I'm not sure what, but it was bad. She had bites everywhere! The worst was both side of her face, there were a ton of bites and they were swelling. I was worried her eyes were going to swell shut. So I immediately soaked her down with DiO Concentrate, I was very concerned, so I stayed with her, this was late afternoon when I was feeding, and I stayed with her for a couple hours. I kept thinking the swelling was going down but thought I was only just wanting it to. So I took some pictures of her and went home for a while, then came back to check on her. I know they had reduced in size at that point. The next morning,  I had to take more pictures because she was almost completely normal again. I sent the pictures to DiO because I was completely amazed! I need to KNOW I am helping my horses and not aggravating them. I am thankful to have had these experiences so I could confirm for myself that this product WORKS! I don't want to ever be without it again.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”

Proverbs 31:25

There is more to her than racing. A full time college student attending Texas A&M University Kingsville pursuing a business degree. As a student she is also on the rodeo team team, raising thousands of dollars for the team.  She works at Dash Concrete managing marketing under CEO Laura Dash. You can find her running large equipment,  training for barrel racing, studying,  as well as modeling. She has been to the biggest races in Texas including: diamonds and dirt, elite barrel races,  BBR world finals, several other races around the state, as well as attending college rodeos, and open pro rodeos. Training is her favorite thing as she has had several lessons with Marlene McRae, Ty Mitchell, Alissa Kelly Burson. She loves helping others, and traveling. 

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