Secrets of Equine Wellness: ShowBarn Secret® Grooming Products and Draw it Out® Topical Care for Joints, Muscles, and Wounds


The world of equine care encompasses a wide array of factors, all of which contribute to the well-being and happiness of our equine companions. Among the many facets of equine wellness, grooming practices and topical care play essential roles in maintaining optimal health and performance. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the realm of equine wellness, with a focus on the extraordinary benefits of ShowBarn Secret® grooming products and Draw it Out® topical care. Together, we will explore the intricate details of grooming rituals, joint and muscle support, as well as wound management, unraveling the secrets to nurturing the health and radiance of our beloved equine partners.

ShowBarn Secret®: Enhancing the Beauty Within:

Grooming is far more than a superficial endeavor; it is a fundamental aspect of equine care that promotes cleanliness, health, and overall well-being. ShowBarn Secret®, a distinguished brand in the equine industry, offers an exquisite selection of grooming products meticulously designed to elevate your horse's appearance while optimizing their health. With a harmonious blend of top-tier ingredients, these products work synergistically to nourish the coat, skin, mane, and tail, resulting in a radiant and healthy equine companion.

The ShowBarn Secret® grooming line encompasses an extensive range of premium products, including shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and coat sprays, all meticulously formulated to ensure maximum efficacy and unparalleled results. These products are not only gentle but also highly effective, effortlessly removing dirt, grime, and stains while moisturizing the skin and promoting a lustrous coat. By embracing the transformative power of ShowBarn Secret® grooming products, horse owners can cultivate a profound bond with their equine partners while enhancing their natural beauty.

Draw it Out®: Unleashing the Power of Topical Care:

Beyond grooming, addressing joint and muscle health, as well as wound care, is paramount in maintaining the overall well-being and performance of our equine companions. Enter Draw it Out®, an extraordinary brand that offers a remarkable line of topical products meticulously crafted to harness the power of natural ingredients, providing targeted support in these crucial areas.

Joint and Muscle Support: The Draw it Out® line of topical products serves as a beacon of relief, effectively alleviating joint discomfort, reducing inflammation, and promoting enhanced mobility. Crafted with the utmost care, these products, such as liniments and poultices, feature a potent blend of naturally derived ingredients, including arnica and menthol. When applied to affected areas, they penetrate deeply, providing soothing relief and facilitating improved joint and muscle function. By integrating regular use of Draw it Out® joint and muscle care products into your equine care routine, you can proactively prevent stiffness, support optimal performance, and ensure the overall comfort of your horse.

Wound Management: The versatility of Draw it Out® topical care extends seamlessly to wound management. From minor cuts and scrapes to more substantial injuries, these exceptional products offer effective solutions that expedite healing and prevent infections. The Draw it Out® wound care product line incorporates a rich array of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and tea tree oil, which boast potent antiseptic and soothing properties. By embracing these products within your wound management regimen, you can ensure meticulous cleansing, optimal protection, and expedited healing for your horse's injuries.

The Nuances of Equine Grooming:

To truly appreciate the transformative impact of ShowBarn Secret® grooming products, we must delve into the intricate details of equine grooming rituals. From the art of coat care to themeticulous maintenance of mane and tail, equine grooming is a multifaceted practice that fosters not only physical well-being but also emotional connection between horse and owner.

Coat Care: The equine coat serves as a protective barrier against the elements, and it is essential to maintain its health and luster. ShowBarn Secret® shampoos are expertly formulated to cleanse deeply while preserving the natural oils that keep the coat moisturized and resilient. These shampoos are tailored to specific coat colors, such as white, bay, chestnut, or black, enhancing the vibrancy and shine of each unique hue. ShowBarn Secret® conditioners, on the other hand, work to restore moisture and softness, ensuring a silky-smooth coat that captivates with its luxurious feel. By incorporating these grooming rituals into your horse's routine, you can indulge in the pleasure of seeing them gleam with vitality.

Mane and Tail Maintenance: The mane and tail of a horse are symbols of grace and beauty. To preserve their splendor, proper care is essential. ShowBarn Secret® detanglers are carefully formulated to eliminate knots and tangles without damaging the hair fibers. With their gentle yet effective composition, these detanglers make combing a breeze, saving time and minimizing discomfort for both horse and handler. To further accentuate the allure of a flowing mane and tail, ShowBarn Secret® coat sprays offer a finishing touch, adding a glossy sheen and providing protection against dust and debris. The result is a visually stunning equine companion whose regal presence commands admiration.

Unlocking the Potential of Draw it Out® Topical Care:

While grooming nurtures the external radiance of our horses, Draw it Out® topical care serves as a key to unlocking their internal comfort and mobility. By addressing joint and muscle health, as well as wound management, Draw it Out® offers a comprehensive range of products that are as effective as they are gentle.

Joint and Muscle Support: Joint discomfort and reduced mobility can significantly impact a horse's quality of life. Draw it Out® liniments, meticulously formulated with natural ingredients, penetrate deeply to alleviate inflammation and provide soothing relief to tired or injured joints. These liniments not only offer comfort but also promote enhanced mobility, ensuring that our equine companions can move with grace and freedom. Moreover, Draw it Out® poultices, with their unique blend of herbs and clays, aid in drawing out heat and inflammation, further supporting the healing process. By incorporating these products into our care routine, we empower our horses to navigate the challenges of aging or strenuous activity with greater ease and vitality.

Wound Management: Equine injuries, regardless of their size or severity, demand meticulous attention to ensure optimal healing. Draw it Out® wound care products harness the power of natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil, renowned for their antiseptic and soothing properties. These gentle yet potent ingredients cleanse wounds effectively, minimize the risk of infection, and accelerate the healing process. From minor scrapes to deeper lacerations, Draw it Out® provides an essential toolkit for every horse owner, enabling them to provide immediate care and promote the restoration of their horse's well-being.

The Art of Holistic Equine Care:

As caretakers, we bear a profound responsibility to embrace a holistic approach to equine care. By integrating ShowBarn Secret® grooming products and Draw it Out® topical care into our daily routines, we create a nurturing environment that celebrates the inherent beauty of our equine partners while tending to their physical and emotional well-being.

The Power of Connection: Beyond the tangible benefits of grooming and topical care lies the immeasurable power of connection between horse and handler. The act of grooming fosters a bond built on trust and respect.Through the gentle touch of a brush or the soothing application of a topical product, we communicate our care and affection to our equine companions. This connection transcends the physical realm, nurturing a deep understanding and mutual trust that forms the foundation of a harmonious partnership.

Promoting Emotional Well-being: Equine wellness encompasses not only physical health but also emotional well-being. Grooming rituals and topical care rituals provide opportunities for horses to relax, unwind, and experience moments of pure serenity. The rhythmic strokes of a brush, the gentle massage of a liniment, or the soothing application of a wound care product can have a profoundly calming effect on horses, helping them release tension and find a sense of peace. In turn, this emotional well-being translates into improved overall health and performance.

Prevention and Early Detection: The integration of grooming practices and topical care into our equine care routines allows us to be proactive in preventing and detecting potential issues. Regular grooming sessions provide an opportunity to thoroughly examine our horses' bodies, from head to hoof, enabling us to identify any abnormalities, wounds, or signs of discomfort. By detecting issues early on, we can promptly address them with the appropriate topical care products from Draw it Out®, preventing further complications and promoting swift healing.

A Testament to Care and Commitment:

The meticulous attention to grooming and the deliberate use of topical care products from ShowBarn Secret® and Draw it Out® reflect the depth of our care and commitment as horse owners. Each brushstroke, each application of a product is an act of love and devotion, a testament to our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our equine partners.


Equine wellness encompasses a delicate balance between physical health, emotional well-being, and the bond shared between horse and owner. ShowBarn Secret® grooming products and Draw it Out® topical care serve as invaluable allies in nurturing this equilibrium. Through the transformative power of grooming rituals, we enhance the beauty and radiance of our equine companions while strengthening our connection with them. Meanwhile, Draw it Out® topical care products provide targeted support, facilitating joint and muscle health and ensuring efficient wound management.

By embracing the secrets revealed by ShowBarn Secret® and Draw it Out®, we unlock the potential for optimal equine wellness. Through these meticulous grooming practices and the gentle touch of topical care, we embark on a journey of profound connection, fostering a bond that transcends words and enriches our lives immeasurably. Let us embrace the power of grooming and topical care, celebrating the radiant health and happiness of our beloved equine partners, as we continue to unravel the secrets to their well-being.

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