The Importance of Assembling the Essential Horse Grooming Kit: ShowBarn Secret® Products Fill the Role


Proper grooming plays a vital role in maintaining a horse's health, performance, and overall well-being. A comprehensive horse grooming kit equipped with the necessary tools and high-quality products is essential to achieve optimal grooming results. In this article, we will explore the significance of putting together an essential horse grooming kit and how ShowBarn Secret® products can help horse owners attain exceptional grooming outcomes.

The Essential Horse Grooming Kit:

A well-rounded horse grooming kit consists of various tools and supplies designed to clean and maintain the horse's coat, mane, tail, and hooves. Here are the essential components of a grooming kit:

Brushes and Curry Combs:

Brushes and curry combs are fundamental tools for removing dirt, dust, and loose hair from the horse's coat. Soft body brushes, stiff dandy brushes, and grooming mitts cater to specific grooming needs. Curry combs, available in rubber or plastic, help loosen dirt and stimulate the skin's natural oils, promoting a glossy coat.

Mane and Tail Care Tools:

To maintain a horse's mane and tail, a grooming kit should include a mane comb, a tail brush, and possibly a detangler spray. These tools aid in preventing tangles, removing debris, and keeping the mane and tail lustrous.

Hoof Care Supplies:

Hoof care is integral to grooming and overall horse health. A hoof pick, a hoof brush, and a quality hoof dressing should be included in the grooming kit. Regular cleaning of hooves helps prevent infections, removes debris, and ensures proper hoof function.

Grooming Wipes and Sprays:

Grooming wipes and sprays provide quick and convenient solutions for maintaining a horse's coat, face, and legs. They aid in removing stains, dust, and dirt, ensuring a pristine appearance in between baths. These products are particularly useful for show horses or when time is limited.

First Aid Kit:

A well-equipped grooming kit should also include basic first aid supplies for handling minor injuries. Items such as wound ointment, antiseptic solutions, bandages, and scissors are invaluable for addressing minor cuts or abrasions that may occur during grooming or while in the stable.

ShowBarn Secret® Products:

Among the myriad of grooming products available, ShowBarn Secret® offers a range of specialized solutions to enhance horse grooming. Let's explore some of their key products:

ShowBarn Secret® Sheen & Conditioner:

This product is designed to provide a healthy and beautiful hair coat for horses. With its incredible moisture levels, ShowBarn Secret® Sheen & Conditioner eliminates static electricity and keeps dust at bay. It reduces the chances of hard-to-remove stains and gives the hair a rich, dark sheen. The proprietary hair regrowth blend helps manes and tails grow longer and more luxurious, making it ideal for show horses or those seeking to maintain a polished appearance.

ShowBarn Secret® Braiding Spray:

For achieving tight, neat braids and bands, ShowBarn Secret® Braiding Spray is the perfect solution. Formulated by showmen, this product contains a specially blended formula, including avocado oil, to provide the ideal grip for braiding or banding. It offers total mane and tail control, ensuring minimal stray hairs and a professional look. The spray can be easily applied directly to the mane or tail and combed through, providing show ring results without washing.

ShowBarn Secret® Detangler & Shine:

To achieve a strong, silky mane and tail, ShowBarn Secret® Detangler & Shine is the ultimate solution. Its medical-grade silicone formula instantly detangles and strengthens weakened or brittle hair while imparting a natural healthy shine. This product enhances hair manageability, making brushing and grooming easier. It can be used on dry or wet hair, providing long-term protection and eliminating the need for washing prior to application.


A well-groomed horse not only exhibits pride but also contributes to its overall health, performance, and well-being. Assembling an essential horse grooming kit is crucial to achieve optimal grooming results. ShowBarn Secret® products, such as Sheen & Conditioner, Braiding Spray, and Detangler & Shine, offer specialized solutions to enhance horse grooming and ensure a healthy and beautiful hair coat. By investing in a comprehensive grooming kit and utilizing high-quality products, horse owners can provide their equine companions with the care they deserve, resulting in a horse that shines both inside and outside the show ring.

ShowBarn Secret® Soothing Horse Shampoo?

Gentle and Nurturing:
  • ShowBarn Secret® Soothing Horse Shampoo with Lavender provides a gentle and nurturing bathing experience for your horse. The SLS-free formula ensures that your horse's delicate skin is not stripped of its natural oils, maintaining a healthy and balanced coat.
Soothing and Calming: 
  • The infusion of lavender extracts in this shampoo offers soothing and calming properties, making bath time a relaxing experience for your horse. Lavender's natural aromatherapy qualities help ease any anxiety or stress, promoting a tranquil grooming session.
Enhanced Coat Health: 
  • Regular use of ShowBarn Secret® Soothing Horse Shampoo with Lavender contributes to healthier and more vibrant coats. The gentle yet effective cleansing action removes dirt, debris, and excess oils, while preserving the natural shine and texture of the horse's coat.
Moisturizing and Hydrating: 
  • This exceptional shampoo goes beyond cleaning by providing moisturizing and hydrating benefits. It helps maintain the horse's skin moisture balance, preventing dryness and ensuring a supple and well-nourished coat.