Why We Do What We Do

Why We Started DiO

We often get asked why we started Draw It Out, here is our answer!

We started DiO because we wanted to help people care for their horses in a safe and effective manner.  After decades of working within the industry and listening to the the complaints about current offerings and the needs of our customers, we decided to do our best to help.  Many folks in our test group complained that they didn't want offerings that had been formulated decades ago and ignore new methods, ingredients & blending procedures.  They also wanted products that were safe and effective.  It was after listening to these insights that we decided to help the best way we can.  We teamed up with local veterinarians to help us create a line of products that answered these calls for help.

Horses not Profits

Another regular question is how do we compare DiO to other products on the market.  the simple answer is, we don't.  We don't compare our products to other companies simply because our focus is on helping horses in the best way we can.  Often other companies prioritize market share, profits or competing for shelf space over ensuring quality offerings.  Our focus isn't on these things.  While they are a part of being in business, they shouldn't be the primary reason for a company to exist.  Other companies have their focus we have ours, your horses.

Because We Care for Horses

Our products were designed through countless formulas with lots of trial and errors.  What we finally brought to market was a product that, through all of our sampling and trails and proven itself to be safe, easy to use and effective.  No more hard decisions to figure out which formula to use during competition or which product has what ingredient.  Our formula was designed for everyone to use, worry free.


Our new PLUS line underscores our commitment to bringing to market products to help you be your horse's hero.  These products combine tried and true pain relief ingredients along with the newest ingredient available.  Though there is some debate on the usage during competition, we recommend a 7 day withdraw period (as does USEF) we felt the need to offer our customers focused pain relief for their horses. We'll continue to reevaluate each and every time new ingredients become available to ensure that our offerings are the best we can offer.

Our Testing Procedures

Test, test, test then test again.  We rigorously test each batch of DiO to ensure its quality and effectiveness.  When we produce DiO we do so in small controlled batches which allows for fresh products on the shelf every time unlike than other companies who create so much product it goes bad on the shelf.  This methodology can cause some delays but we would rather have a product on the shelves that meets our stringent benchmarks and standards rather than a subpar offering.

Safe. Proven. Effective

The simple answer is we do what we do because we love your horses.  We started this endeavor to help them feel great whether they compete or are just your best friends.  

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