A Message From Our Founder

Our Response to Covid-19

In these uncertain times negative thoughts and feelings of panic can take hold of us in an unrelenting grip.  The news is filled with the latest doomsday scenarios and predictions that can make sleep nonexistent.  At DiO we've decided to turn inward and focus on the good.  This time is an amazing opportunity for inward reflection and a reaffirmation of all the positives in our lives.  As a collective, we have steadily lost focus on the positives of our existence over the last decade or so and this pandemic is providing us the opportunity to understand what has value and what does not.  We must move from a focus on the dire and negative to one that holds the positives in our lives to the light.  What is positive will be different for all of us but for me, I will be focusing on my friends, family and customers.  Beyond these folks, special consideration must be paid to the folks on the front lines that are truly our heroes, not the actors or sports stars, but the boots on the ground.  The nurses, doctors and more especially, the folks who keep our supply lines running (truckers, retail employees, etc) are the ones that we graciously need to thank.  For all of those who are tirelessly working to keep our supply chain running and our health at top priority, thank you.  This is a chance to rite the ship and reassess everything.  We'll be keeping our operation running until we are told we have to close our doors for the quarantine.  We've instituted additional cleaning and precautionary measures to our already stringent policies to ensure the safety of everyone here and our customers.  One thing is certain, no one will be laid off or placed on furlough here.  We understand what everyone is going through and we'll be here when the smoke clears so we can get back to spending time competing with our horses and living life to the fullest.  Until then lets take this time to understand the positives and blessings in our lives. Proverbs 3:5-6

Focus on the Good.

Jon Conklin


DiO Inc.


  • Cara Lea

    Excellent message! Thank you!

  • Leah Hochhalter

    Thank you for the AMAZING message!!! God Bless you, your friends, family, and your company during this time. You shared some powerful thoughts that are much appreciated! 🙏❤😀

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