Natural Equine Health Solutions by Draw it Out: Harnessing Nature's Power for Your Horse's Well-Being

In the world of equine health care, finding effective and safe solutions to address various issues is paramount for horse owners and caretakers. Draw it Out, a well-established and respected name in the equestrian community, has taken a holistic approach to equine health by offering a range of natural products. In this comprehensive article, we will explore Draw it Out's commitment to excellence, its dedication to harnessing the power of nature, and its unique product offerings that have garnered praise and trust from horse enthusiasts worldwide.

A Passion for Equine Health

Draw it Out's journey began with a deep-rooted love for horses, much like the passion that drives many equestrians. The founders of the company shared a common understanding of the significance of maintaining the health and vitality of these magnificent creatures. However, they recognized the limitations of traditional methods, which often came with undesirable side effects. This realization ignited their determination to seek a better way, one that relied on the natural world to promote equine well-being.

The Draw it Out Difference

At the heart of Draw it Out's approach is a commitment to providing natural, safe, and effective solutions for equine health. Their product line includes a variety of topical remedies designed to address common equine issues such as inflammation, soreness, and discomfort. What sets these products apart is their unwavering dedication to purity and simplicity.

Natural Ingredients: Draw it Out products are meticulously crafted from natural ingredients, including herbs, essential oils, and botanical extracts. These time-tested ingredients have been used for centuries to support various aspects of equine health, making them a trusted choice for conscientious horse owners.

No Harsh Chemicals: You won't find harsh chemicals, artificial additives, or synthetic preservatives in Draw it Out's formulas. This commitment to purity ensures that your horse receives only the best, without the risk of adverse reactions or long-term side effects.

Topical Application: Draw it Out's solutions are designed for easy and targeted topical application, providing immediate relief precisely where your horse needs it. This minimizes the stress and inconvenience associated with administering oral medications.

Product Spotlight

Let's take a closer look at some of Draw it Out's popular natural products:

Draw It Out Liniment: This versatile liniment is a favorite among equestrians for its ability to soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote faster recovery. It's ideal for both pre- and post-exercise applications, ensuring that your horse stays in peak condition.

Draw It Out Concentrate: This highly concentrated version of their liniment offers even more potent relief for horses in need. It can be conveniently diluted to match your horse's specific requirements, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Draw It Out Gel: Designed for easy and mess-free application, the gel is perfect for targeted relief on legs and hooves. It's a must-have in your grooming kit, delivering instant comfort to your horse.

MasterMudd Poultice: Draw it Out's unique poultice product, known as "MasterMudd," is specially formulated to draw out heat and inflammation from your horse's legs. It's an excellent choice for post-competition recovery and general maintenance.

Draw It Out Spray: For a convenient and user-friendly option, the spray delivers the benefits of Draw it Out's natural ingredients in a convenient format. Simply spritz it on for quick relief.

The Science Behind the Solutions

Draw it Out's commitment to science-backed solutions is another cornerstone of their success. Each product is carefully formulated to ensure effectiveness and safety. The company collaborates with veterinarians and equine professionals to validate their products, and numerous customer testimonials attest to their impressive results.

Benefits of Natural Equine Products

The advantages of using natural equine products, such as those offered by Draw it Out, are manifold:

Gentle on Horses: Natural products are gentle on your horse's body, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and sensitivities.

Effective Relief: These solutions have a proven track record of providing effective relief for various equine issues, from minor aches and pains to more significant concerns.

Sustainability: The use of natural ingredients promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness, aligning with the principles of responsible horse ownership.

Trusted by Professionals: Draw it Out's products are trusted by veterinarians, trainers, and competitive riders, further highlighting their efficacy.


In the realm of equine health care, Draw it Out shines as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of nature. Their unwavering commitment to providing natural, effective, and safe solutions for horses has earned them a dedicated following in the equestrian community. As horse owners and caretakers, it is our responsibility to explore innovative and holistic approaches to our equine companions' health and well-being. Draw it Out's natural products embody this commitment, offering a path to happier, healthier, and more comfortable horses. So, why not gift your equine partner the benefits of natural relief and recovery with Draw it Out's exceptional line of products? Your horse will undoubtedly thank you for it.

Why SilverHoof?

Comprehensive Protection
  • Silver Hoof EQ Therapy® by Draw It Out offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining healthy hooves, providing protection against a wide range of microbial infections including thrush, foot rot, and canker.
Proprietary Hoof Conditioning Blend
  • The Hoof Conditioning Blend is a proprietary blend of key components, including Tea tree oil and thyme oil, which stimulate blood flow, assisting in the distribution of nutrients throughout the hoof and expediting hoof growth. This blend also creates a breathable moisture barrier that is both antibacterial and antifungal, leaving your horse's hooves with a healthy shine.
Promotes Strong Hoof Growth
  • This revolutionary hoof care product balances the moisture content of the hoof, supplying the necessary nutrients for strong hoof growth. It also improves dry, cracked, and chipped hooves, increasing hoof strength and pliability, and restoring and supporting flexible, healthy hooves.
Effective Antimicrobial Properties
  • Zinc pyrithione and Silver Nitrate are two key ingredients that address microbial infections at the source. Zinc pyrithione is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that disables the cell transport system in fungal and bacterial cells, while Silver Nitrate affects several aspects of microbial life, including DNA replication, microbial energy production, and oxygen use. Together, these ingredients provide a powerful solution for maintaining healthy hooves.