Keeping Your Horses Comfortable

Keeping Your Horses Comfortable by #TeamDiO Member Suzanna Hill

DiO has been one of my biggest go-to fixes for a year now, I have bottles everywhere! I am very big on preventative practices and anything that will keep my horses extra comfortable. That is important in any discipline, but especially for these rodeo horses that literally live life on the road. I use DiO almost daily, even when I'm not having to address a certain issue. I use it after any workout that is anything more than just walking down the trail. As soon as I'm done riding, I cool my horses out and go straight to the was rack to hose down their legs (also their whole body it it's warm enough). Then I ice the legs with FlowBoots for 20 minutes. My favorite secret is to pour the DiO down into the boot, this allows me to ice and draw out even more heat or any soreness at the same time. Once the legs/body dry, I apply the gel to all four legs and any problem areas - hocks, stifles, back, hips, neck, etc.. With a daily routine like this, we have had tremendous results with horses staying soft and supple and free of any aggravating soreness. Everyone who helps to keep my horses going can tell the difference - vet, chiropractor, massage therapist, MagnaWave therapist and more. DiO has an unlimited number of uses! I've also had great results with packing the feet to draw out abscesses, rubbing down bug bites/stings, and even using it on myself as well! DiO more than proves itself with the great results. Put a bottle anywhere you may need it - trailer, barn, truck - you can't afford to let your horses go without it!


Suzanna Hill - Accomplishments:

RFD-TV The American Qualifier- 2017 WPRA/PRCA Southeastern Circuit Champion Barrel Racer- Multiple Pro Rodeo Winner- 2016 PCFR Qualifier *Fast Time*- 2015 PCFR Qualifier *Average Champion*

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