Chasing White Lines

Chasing White Lines by #TeamDiO Member Caroline Ashley

Equine riders of all disciplines have several things in common with one another. One of the biggest is traveling with our four legged athletes. We hook up our trailers to our trucks, and ask our horses to get in the trailer trusting us and our driving abilities. Going to compete, the vet, or even to our trainers. It’s a big deal that when we get to our final destinations our horses come out of that trailer ready to go. So many times I see horses coming out of their trailers with stocked up legs, and this can affect their performance. Horses that develop anxiety in the trailer can paw, and kick at the sides. This can hurt their hocks causing them to be sore. I also see unfortunate accidents that do arrive. Jackknifed trailers, flipping rigs on the side of the road. Accidents do happen. In both of these scenarios we can help our equine athletes with the proper leg care. I always love seeing my mares beautiful legs! I use both DiO Concentrate, and gel when traveling. It depends on where I am traveling to, and what we are doing when we get there. It also depends on the duration of travel. When I am hauling to a race or rodeo I want my mares’ legs tight with no puffiness. DiO GEL gets me these results I demand. After putting a generous amount of DiO GEL from the hocks to the fetlock (rear) , and the knee to the fetlock (front). I then apply some sort of wrap a no-bow or a therapeutic wrap. I also like to always travel with bell boots on, the coronet band area is always the first thing to be cut if they slip. DiO has a unique formula with no active ingredients. Meaning there is no burning or heat under your wraps. This makes the product that much better. After applying the DiO GEL, wrapping the legs, we now load up. (DiO has a unique formula with a trace mineral blend that has properties of anti- inflammatory as well as anti- pain) I make sure my horses have a well padded floor to prevent any slipping and keeping them sure footed. We can’t tell our horses when we will be turning, or hold on someone cut us off on a sixty five mile per hour highway. You can take extra precautions when traveling by avoiding the city, and its rush hours. As well as making sure your tires are properly inflated, and ensuring your trailer brakes working properly. Having your trip planned in advanced will prevent unnecessary stress as well! If something does happen during your traveling do not hesitate to take your horse to the vet. Be aware of your rig and its contents BEFORE you or your equine athlete gets hurt. Traveling is extremely hard and stressful on our equine partners; with this veterinary approved liniment we can limit the amount of inflammatory and pain they experience. 

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”

Proverbs 31:25

There is more to her than racing. A full time college student attending Texas A&M University Kingsville pursuing a business degree. As a student she is also on the rodeo team team, raising thousands of dollars for the team.  She works at Dash Concrete managing marketing under CEO Laura Dash. You can find her running large equipment,  training for barrel racing, studying,  as well as modeling. She has been to the biggest races in Texas including: diamonds and dirt, elite barrel races,  BBR world finals, several other races around the state, as well as attending college rodeos, and open pro rodeos. Training is her favorite thing as she has had several lessons with Marlene McRae, Ty Mitchell, Alissa Kelly Burson. She loves helping others, and traveling. 

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