We believe that character inside and out of the arena matters just as much as performance ability or accomplishments.  Our #TeamDiO members are special people that we are proud to have representing us in the horse community.  Caroline Ashley is one of our exemplary members.  Take a minute to read about her weekend and if you ever see her at an event, be sure to stop and say hi!

Smile a Little More

This weekend I went to an open pro rodeo in Bulverde, Texas. This is my third run back on my mare aftera series of injuries. I didn’t know how well she was going to come back running for me, if she was goingto come back at all. I am so blessed how much she has grown and how well she is running again. Prior torunning about 24-12 hours out I put DiO GEL on her legs and wrap them with my ceramic therapy wraps.When we arrive at the rodeo, right before I tack up I spray DiO CONCENTRATE 50/50 on her legs, back, andhind end. Doing this I know she is relaxed and ready to run.

At the open pro, there is a dress code, longsleeves with jeans and boots. On all my long sleeves have my sponsors on them.  I am super proud to represent these companies. It really irritates me when Isee sponsored riders, acting like immature children. It is a PRIVILEGE to be representing any company!You are the FACE of the company when someone sees that brand on you. With that being said, I alwayssmile and encourage other barrel racers. Giving them hi-fives, saying words of encouragement, evenoffering my help. But I am always smiling. When I saw a little girl standing outside the warm up pen,with her mom, all I could think of was me doing the same thing watching the pros warm up at SanAntonio. I know that feeling, your watching who you envy, what you want to be when you grow up. Isaw her and smiled and waved at her, she waved with the biggest smile back at me. I knew I made herevening.

I finished warming up and her mom caught my eye getting my attention. I went to the fencewhere they were standing, and she said, “you’re the only one who has smiled, waved, and actually saidhello to us”. All I could think of is when I’m standing on the fence watching my idols warming up Iwould be so happy if they said hello to me. I talked to the little girl Katie for a little bit finding out shewants to start barrel racing! She has been riding English and jumping but wants to run barrels! I was sohappy to meet a future competitor. She was worried about her age, being ten, I said I started riding andbarrel racing when I was a freshman in high school, you have a jump me already! We shared a laugh, butit was almost time to run so I had to go, I told them when I was running so they could watch. I saw Katiestanding as close to the alley as she could get, watching my every move. Of course, this is when my mareBlessing decides to act a fool jumping around like crazy. We run a super clean and smooth pattern I wassuper proud of her!

I had invited Katie and her mom Diane to come with me when I cooled down to mytrailer to see in my rig and help me untack. Katie walked Blessing back to my trailer, loosened my cinch,as I was keeping a good eye on her. Showing her why I do what I do with my tack. I let her take thesaddle off and put it in my trailer. I gave Katie my DiO CONCENTRATEand told her the purpose of DiO and how easy it was to use. She sprayed all four legs while I was giving Blessing water. Followed bya bunch of cookies she well deserved for running so well. I never asked Katie to help, she had that driveto learn, the drive to be a racer. The drive I have every time I get on my mare. That experience, showingthe younger generation true rodeo and horsemanship, happened all because I smiled, and waved. I amsuper proud of you Katie, keep on pushing to do what you love.

Job 39:22-24

22 It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword. 

23 The quiver rattles against its side, along with the flashing spear and lance.

24 In frenzied excitement it eats up the ground; it cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.

#TeamDiO Member Caroline Ashley