My favorite Products: By: Caitlin Thomas

I have so many favorite products I don’t even know where to start! 

Of course in the horse health and pain management area my absolute favorite product to keep my horses as happy and pain free as possible has to be Draw It Out! I love to use this product for and after runs just to make sure they are feeling their very best when they compete! I also like to apply this product after we exercise or just when they seem a little off from weather changed, I also like to use this product on myself when I have aches and pains.

In the feed department I love to feed Nurtrena southeast 12/8 pellets, they provide my horses with allthe nutrition that they need! This feed is a very good price for someone on a budget but just because itis on the cheaper side it has everything your horse needs daily. All of my horses love the taste and theylook wonderful! I also like to add Purina Omolene #400 Complete Advantage to the mix of the southeastpellets; this feed has the beet pulp for them as well as a sweet taste for them. Now this is where I amgoing to get some strange looks, I also add ½ cup floating fish food twice a day to their feed. The fishfood is very high in protein and fat so it is wonderful for weight gain and hair/hoof growth. I also like toadd some alfalfa pellets as well. Now I have two very old mares so we have to of course feed them alittle different from those young guns. For the two older mares we really love the triple crown products,we are feeding them the triple crown senior which does not require us to give them any extra foragesince it is built into the feeds which comes in handy since one has no teeth and cannot chew the hay,while the other mare has severe COPD so the dust in the hay causes her to break into a coughing fit. TheTriple Crown senior as well as the Triple Crown complete has zero dust to it so she can eat it withoutcoughing.

For supplements I like to feed a daily MSM joint supplement just to aid in maintaining healthy jointseven on my colts to my older finished horses. I also add a daily trace mineral into their feeds twice a dayjust to make sure they are getting all the minerals they could possibly need, I have found by adding thisto their feed twice a day it has really helped their hair growth! Along with the joint and minerals I alsoadd aloe Vera juice from Walmart to their feed. I use ¼ cup but when we are on the road I give them ½cup, this aids in the prevention of ulcers. Now I have two mares that are very nervous as well as verysensitive, I add 10 off brand tums to their morning feed. I have noticed this doing this that when at abarrel races these mares’ sides would sink it now longer happens and they have kept weight on mucheasier. The last two supplement type products that I use is electrolytes when the temperature is highenough to start adding it to their feed, I also add 2 ounce pump of vegetable oil to their feed just to keepthem shiny in the summer as well as the winter.

Now as far as tack, I have several favorite products in this department. My all-time favorite saddle is myCircle C saddle, it so comfortable and it fits almost every horse I have ever put it on. This is the samesaddle I have been riding for over 12 years now and it looks just as good as the day I bought it. Mysecond favorite saddle which rates very close to the Circle C is my Billy Cook saddle, I haven’t had it verylong and it is a 20 year old saddle but it rides so well just a little stiff from sitting so long but once itbreaks back in I am sure it will feel like riding a cloud. Moving on to my favorite saddle pads, this is atough one for me because I ride both a Best Ever Saddle Pad as well as a 5 Star pad. If I had to be forcedto choose between the two I would have to go with the Best Ever. These pads seem to stand up betterto abuse than the 5 star. I have a best ever pad that I have been riding for 5 years and I will be honest Idon’t always wash it as often as I should but I never gets hard like other pads to with sweat it is alwaysflexible and soft. Also the price for a custom pad is unbeatable!! And last but not least when it comes tohorse leg protection I have to go with the professional choice SMB 3 or SMB Elite! The shape to the legwell, as well as easy to take on and off without the long straps sticking to everything. They also seem tohold up for a very long time! I am still using a pair that I have had for over 12 years.

These are my favorite products from what I feed my horses to what I put on them, like everyone I havemy favorites in everything but one thing I have learned over the years is just because you have a favoritenever be scared to try something new! If I hadn’t walked by a vendor at Running WJ a few years ago Iwould have never tried the sample she had of Draw it out!!

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