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The high potency gel formula of our product.  This version is 125% of what the concentrate is at full strength.  Odorless and colorless, it is the no mess alternative to many products.  This formula stays where you put it and can be used under pads, boots, wraps and other therapeutic products.  Wrapping over this formula can help to keep the product in place although it is not necessary.  Apply as often as you can and be sure to rub with the grain of the hair to make sure this deep penetrating gel can get where it needs to go.  Our gel is thicker than most other products on the market which helps it stay in place where you put it.  No more rubber gloves!  The best part of DiO is you don't have to worry if you get it on your skin.  It is 100% safe if you come into contact with it and will not hurt the animal if accidentally ingested.  Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based around an epsom salt profile to create a dynamic horse health product.

DiO is designed to be used daily without fear or worry that accompany many other products. Formulated with specially selected ingredients in compliance with FEI regulatory lists, it is the preferred choice to use before and after training or competition. DiO it will help ease deep and soft tissue discomfort that arises before, during and after competition. DiO penetrates deep muscle pains without causing irritation or excessive heat under pads, boots or wraps. DiO is perfect for sensitive skinned horses. Our veterinary strength formula combines aggressive pain management with gentle application. DiO helps bring horses back after injury and get ready for competition by reducing inflammation and pain in ligaments, joints, tendons & muscles. 


The Official Liniment of Martha Josey & The Josey Ranch

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews Write a review

DiO Safety Information

DiO was formulated to be as safe as possible for our customers and their animals.  DiO is Ph balanced to ensure that it is exceptionally gentle on animal (especially horses) skin.  Though this formulation is great for animals it can cause a bit of a reddening effect on human skin.  This is not dangerous to the person but irritation can happen depending on your skin Ph.  DiO is safe for use on all animals, even those pregnant or nursing or those intended for consumption.

We have customers who utilize both formulas effectively on dogs, show pigs, cattle and even a llama or two.  DiO is safe if it is accidentally ingested by an animal.  Our products are also safe if left on for extended periods of time.  Due to our precise formulation the risk of burning or blistering the horse's skin is very low.  Occasional irritation can occur if DiO is applied to freshly shaven white legs or if combined with other products.  DiO is best utilized as a stand-alone product but if you choose to mix with other products please do so with caution.

DiO is designed to be used daily without fear or worry that accompany many other products. Formulated with specially selected ingredients in compliance with FEI regulatory lists, it is the preferred choice to use before and after training or competition. DiO it will help ease deep and soft tissue discomfort that arises before, during and after competition. DiO penetrates deep muscle pains without causing irritation or excessive heat under pads, boots or wraps. DiO is perfect for sensitive skinned horses. Our veterinary strength formula combines aggressive pain management with gentle application. DiO helps bring horses back after injury and get ready for competition by reducing inflammation and pain in ligaments, joints, tendons & muscles. 


DiO Concentrate

How Often Should You Use DiO?

  • Headed to the barn?  DiOConcentrate is great first thing in the morning when feeding as a general body spray.  This first application allows your horses muscles and joints to limber and loosen in preparation for the day. 
  • Getting ready to ride?  Spray your horses back, legs and everywhere else down before you begin your training session.  This application is great to help keep soreness from building up especially if it is an intense session.
  • All done?  Spray your horses down one more time after you've bathed and groomed your horse to help their muscles stay fresh and to help them regenerate overnight.

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Gain piece of mind...

DiO Concentrate is designed to help you care for your horse quickly, easily and effectively.  DiO Concentrate can be used during events or training to help keep soreness from cropping up.  Use DiO under your pads boots and wraps to make sure your horses are comfortable and ready to compete.  DiO doesn't need to be washed off before competing eliminating the need for those wash rack trips giving you more time to prepare for each of your runs. 

Saves You Time

DiOConcentrate saves you time.  No more wash rack trips means you have more time for your horse.

Saves You Money

DiO Concentrate seves you money with its versatile nature.  1 bottle has 100's of different uses.

Care for your Horses

At DiO we care for horses.  Our Concentrate was designed to make sure your horses are cared for in a safe and effective manner.

Be Your Horses Hero

DiO helps you be your horse hero.  Caring for your horses has never been this easy.  Save. Proven. Effective.


  • Gentle on Your Horse's Skin

  • Tough on Swelling & Soreness

  • Safe if accidentally ingested

Be Your Horse's Hero

Wind Puffs?  Stone Bruises?  Sore joints or muscles?  These are just some of the types of ailments that DiO GEL can help.  DiO GEL is designed to be used in places where you need it to stick.  Unlike our concentrate formula DiO GEL stays where you put it making it the optimal formula for legs or other spot applications.  Use it before or after training or events.  Our GEL formula fries clear with no oily, greasy or chalky residue meaning your tack won't slip.  Safe under pads boots and wraps DiO GEL is a great way to help prevent swelling or soreness as well as helping to alleviate ongoing issues.

  • Versatility
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Effective

DiO GEL is versatile.  It can be used on hoofs, legs, stifles and anywhere else your horse needs relief. Its ability to be used before training or events is also a huge bonus for horses that stock up frequently. 

DiO GEL is powerful.  at 125% of our CONCENTRATE formula a little goes a long way.  REsults can be seen in as little as a few hours after application.

DiO GEL goes on gently with no tingling, heating or cooling which means that your horse won't react to you applying DiO.  Wrapping or booting over DiO is safe as well due to our lack of an active ingredient.

DiO GEL results can be seen within hours of application.  The best part is you can't apply too much.  DiO GEL has a cumulative effective so regular applications can keep your horse feeling great!

Both DiO formulas are safe for pregnant or nursing animals and those intended for human consumption.  DiO is also safe is accidentally ingested and safe if it comes in contact with your skin.

How often should you use DiO GEL?

DiO GEL is great before or after training or events.  Long Hauls are no problem with DiO just apply before you load up and reapply as you need throughout the trip.  No burning or blistering means your horses will be comfortable all the way to the event.  The best part is no last minute trips to the wash rack before your run DiO dries clear so there is no need to wash off before you boot and run!  Many of our customers will rub their horses legs down a few hours before the event, again immediately after then once more in the evening.  This regimen allows for DiO's cumulative effect to ensure that their legs are fresh and feeling great!

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Questions & Answers

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  • My neighbors are using on theirselves is it safe to use on humans too? They say really helps with their arthritis

    Hi Leola!

    DiO is safe if it gets on your skin and works great on arthritic joints in animals. Due to FDA restrictions we don't officially recommend that folks use our products on themselves but many of our customers do report to us similar success stories. 
    Hope this helps! 

  • so I'm a barrel racer and I'm going to a 7 day clinic and I was wondering would this help

    Draw It Out would certainly help you out at a long clinic like that. Our concentrate formula would be perfect to spray the back and shoulders down in the mornings and evenings to keep your horse fresh. You could also use it right before and after the clinic in the same way.  If you will be stalling on concrete, applying the gel to the legs would help keep your horses legs fresh and tight. The gel is great any time you have a horse confined to extended standing.  The best part is theory is no cleanup. You can just let DiO dry with no need to wash it off before entering the arena. 

  • My mare is having hock issues and needs to be injected for maintenance purposes. If I apply this before and after a run will that help her hock problems and help her feel better when we run? Also, what's the difference between the gel and the concentrate and which one would you recommend for my mare I talked about above? Thank you!

    Thanks for contacting us! Applying DiO would help your hockey issues. It won't replace the injections but will help with the overall issue. DiO will help her feel great when running. Our product is designed to help combat soreness and can be used pre and post race.  Using our products before helps keep horses from getting as sore as they normally would and using after will reduce the inflammation and pain even further. The major difference between concentrate and gel is potency and application. The concentrate is great to mix into a spray bottle and spray down big areas like backs chests and shoulders. It's quick and easy to apply but you will get some run off of the product. Most folks will mix this at 50/50 though the stronger you mix the more effective the product is. The gel is super easy to use for legs or areas you can't wrap. It stays where you put it and is about 125% of the potency of the concentrate at full strength. It's not quite as cost effective but is easy to use and you get less waste because it stays in place. Either version of DIO can be used with or with out wraps depending on your preference. For the hock issues I would recommend the gel due to its higher potency and the fact that it stays in place. 

  • Are you supposed to use the gel and the concentrate together or separate? How much is the bundle package for the both of them and the sprayer (is this the sprayer that's out of stock)?


    The gel and concentrate are different versions of the same product. The gel is designed to. Be used on legs and other spot application areas while the concentrate is great as a spray. It is wonderful for large areas such as backs and shoulders. The 16oz Sprayer is currently out of stock but our new Flairasol bottle is available as an alternative. When using the concentrate remember that the stronger you mix the faster it will work. Most folks mix at a 50/50 ratio with is easy to do in just about any spray bottle. 

    Hope this helps! 


  • My horse has SI issues and I was wondering if I can apply this directly to his back and hips to help with sore tight muscles.

    You sure can apply this directly to your horses back and hips. The gel is a great option because it stays where you put it and is a bit more potent. The concentrate is also a great option (my preference) because I can spray on which is a bit easier than massaging the gel in sometimes. If you go with the concentrate I would mix at a 50/50 or stronger just to ensure it is strong enough for your issue. The gel is more potent and may net better over all results but can be more cumbersome to apply and is moderately more expensive.

    Hope this helps!

  • Can I use dio on an stone Bruise foot? His frog is very sore

    You sure can! Some folks like to soak gauze in the concentrate (50/50 or higher) pack the hoof then wrap. You can use a syringe to keep this moisture for a longer application though changing the wrap regularly may be best.  Other folks will apply the gel (my favorite) liberally directly on the frog and wrap over it. Either way works great. You can also utilize the concentrate as a soak of you like though that can be a tougher and more time consuming process. 

  • I have a senior that has ringbone. Would this help to ease it in anyway. I just want to help him as much as I can

    It sure would help alleviate some of the swelling and painassociated with ringbone. For application on the pad tern I would recommend the gel formula. It is a bit more potent and much easier to keep in place. 

  • My thoroughbred mare gave herself a few scrapes on her hock and down her cannon bone. Her leg is swelled up, but not terrible, and she's not lame. Is it okay to use the gel around the scrapes to reduce the swelling?

    Yes! DiO is safe in and around open wounds. 

  • Have you ever heard of anyone using this product on a human, for muscle pain?


    We have heard of lots of our customers using DiO in that manner. While we can't officially recommend people use it on themselves it does sound like there are many people doing so and getting great results. 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Have 9 yr old QH barrel horse that due to an injury incurred 2 punctures to the tendon sheath of the hind leg. According to ultrasound those have healed & we are in week 3 of rehab, just walking, after having been on stall rest for 3 months. Sound moving, but still have obvious thickness in the tendon area. Would Dio maybe bring that down a little more?


    DiO would more than likely be able to help bring that down. It will also help with any pain that might be in the area. I would recommend the gel version and apply liberally 2-3 times daily. 

  • Can humans use this product?


    While we can't officially recommend people use our products on themselves due to FDA regulations but we have had a number of our customers report it works great on themselves. DiO is non toxic and safe if you get it on your skin. 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Is this product safe to use according to USEF regulations?

    After extensive research when developing our products we are confident in saying that DiO is safe for competition under any circumstances.  We have sold thousands of bottles across all discliplines and have had no issues with drug testing or other restrictions.  That being said, we always recommend that anyone who is concerned with these types of issues double check with the governing body they are competing under.  While we do our absolute best to ensure our products are competition safe, the ever changing landscape of the horse industry can make this challenging.

    Hope this helps.