Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®

Maximize your horse's performance with Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®. Our drug-free, Camphor-based salve is specially designed to help open breathing passages, making it the perfect solution for pre-competition applications and to help your horse breathe easy.

Our formula contains a blend of natural ingredients, including Peppermint Oil, Camphor Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil, that work together to help clear nasal passages and improve breathing. With Breathe to Run, you can be confident that your horse will have the necessary respiratory support to perform at their best.

At Draw it Out®, we believe in providing effective and safe solutions for your horse's health and wellness. That's why we created Breathe to Run - to help your horse breathe easy, no matter what the situation. Get started today and experience the difference that Breathe to Run can make for your horse.


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