Stone Bruise & Abscess How to by #TeamDiO Member Alissa Kelly

Help with Stone Bruises & Abscesses by #TeamDiO MemberAlissa Kelly

With spring coming schedules are filling up which means down time due to stone bruises or abscesses needs to be short. DiO has been extremely handy for battling any type of soreness in my horses feet.

Here's what you need:

  • DiO GEL
  • Gauze squares
  • Baby diapers (size 3 or 4)
  • Duct tape

Steps to Apply:

Step 1: Build your duct tape boot
  • This makes for quiet, quick and easy application.To build the boot use a flat surface and begin    With a strip of duct tape about 6 inches long continue with the same sized strips over lapping until you are 6 inches long and 6 inches wide. Now layer the tape longways across your layered duct tape for added strength.
Step 2: Clean the foot out.

Step 3:Place a good size amount or DiO GEL in the foot and pack with gauze.

  • I use the extra gel on my hands to rub up on the coronary band.

Step 4:  Put the diaper on the foot and have your pre made duct tape square ready to put on.

  • Once you put the square on fold around the foot. I use a few extra wraps of tape for good measure. The diaper may come up over the coronary band which is fine just be sure it's not excessively tight.  Keep the duct tape below the coronary band. If done correctly the boot will stay on even through light riding. Replace and check progress every twelve hours if no progress is made be sure to contact your veterinarian.

Pack the hoof with DiO & gauze.

Apply diaper to hoof.

Cover with Duct tape boot.

Ride Tough,

Alissa Burson Kelly

Alissa is true professional.  Her achievements include :

2010 San Juan JR/SR pole bending Champion,  2010 Miss NM HS Rodeo Queen, 2011 NMHSRA State finals barrels average 3rd, 4 corners HS rodeo president, 2011 NLBRA 2nd go winner in barrels, 2011 NLBRA 6th in World in barrels, 2011 Won and placed at  NIRA college rodeos, 2012 Wranglers Ultimate Cowgirl 2012 Tulsa State fair PRCA rodeo champion, Josey Ranch instructor 2017 & Twisting for Barrels 1D champion.

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